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What is on Television Tonight

What is on Television Tonight

Image by Stuck in Customs
Isn’t this a crazy-cool shot?

I had a business meeting in Seoul and I had to meet some gentlemen at night outside of this building. I was early and fascinated by the interior, so I went in and grabbed this shot.

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37 Responses to “What is on Television Tonight”

  1. ElGeko says:

    That’s a lot of screens for showing some nothing, indeed! :)
    Nice catch!

  2. AgoInUnPagliaio_NeedleInAhaystack says:

    Christmas tv three?:-)

  3. says:

    I envy you. You travel to everywhere!

    Great shot!

  4. Stuck in Customs says:

    Thanks yall

    Hey I wanted to point you to another amazing shot from one of my friends on Flickr that is very inspirational to me. This was actually taken in the 1960′s at a fish market in Italy:

  5. QbiT says:

    13 channels of …. to choose from, looks almost like a set of star trek, inside the borg ship. Great shot.

  6. *hb19 (R.I.P.) says:

    wow, this is fantastic, glad you found this….

  7. Valpopando says:

    Haha !!!!!! I don’t believe !!!!

  8. lakewentworth says:

    What a strange place!

  9. Teresa Rosa says:

    yes, it is very strange. This seems to be a great work. Very well done! great idea!! Maybe also a great message in it, hum?

  10. Giorgos~ says:

    It makes you crazy……I got stressed only to see this place…..wanna get out fast. Were they actually SELLING stuff in there?

  11. A guy with A camera says:

    Thats wild! could be another planet! :)

  12. SkyShaper says:

    What beautiful light and color. Truly spectacular.

  13. Flying Fin says:

    sensory overload … it’s so busy, but actually works! great shot.

    btw, that 1960′s Italian fish market shot is very impressive – the atmosphere is palpable, not only from the intense colour and contrast, but from the scene (settings + people) itself. I’ll post same in the shot itself … thx for pointing it out.

  14. rivadock4 says:

    I hope the sound wasn’t turned up on all those TVs. Good travels…

  15. snake5 says:

    -amazing structures, excellent picture

  16. Walter Crespo says:

    Looks like it’s from the movie 12 Monkees only not as dark.

  17. Alabama Geographer says:

    Fantastic shot. That’s one idea of what to do with all our old CRTs.

  18. Bill Strong says:

    Incredible detail in this shot. As Spock would say, "fascinating".

  19. *atrium09 says:

    Great shot, very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. n.a. says:

    I suppose they have to do something with all those old ray tubes :)
    Great example of the usefulness of HDR – those screens would have burnt out for sure without it.

  21. _Bonnie_ says:

    What’s on TV? 500 channels, 500 TVs and still nothin’. Cool shot.

  22. Doly Han says:

    modern photo

  23. snake5 says:

    You are invited to post this image to Spectacular Objects – Invite Only.

  24. shrike1964 says:

    What an extraordinary sight! You’re right, that’s very cool.

  25. arwriterphotog says:

    very cool, indeed. I like the color saturation too

  26. NUDEBUTCHER says:

    Is this a Nam June Paik installation?

  27. Vaeltaja says:

    Excellent capture.

  28. [bridget] says:

    it is really cool. interesting to look at!

  29. Michael DaKidd says:

    Great lines criss-crossing into fabulous webwork. Kind of reminiscent of the interior of a Borg cube from Star Trek. Fave.

  30. songedeluxe says:

    j’ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à visiter vos photos, elles sont pleines, impertinentes et joyeuses, merci pour la galerie. (in french in the texte)

  31. gswoo1 says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called My 10 best architecture photos ever, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.

  32. nepro says:

    Thanks for your awesome pictures.
    I happen to get to your site while I’m searching pictures of my home town.
    About the televisions, they’re not for advertising any stores or TV shows ^^; It’s an art work of a famous Korean artist, N.J. Paik, renowned as the pioneer of video art. That art object is at the lobby of the headquarter of POSCO corporation, a steel company. Looks so steel~ Isn’t it?
    I’m a big fan of N.J.Paik, but he was already past away, and here is some of his works.

  33. Stuck in Customs says:

    Thanks for those comments – good stuff

  34. corea640203 says:

    Nice picture. Why didn’t I know that wonderful scene eventhough having worked in that building.
    That is artrium of headquater of posco(One of the world famous Steel company) in seoul. It is an art work of Nam June Paik – famous vidio artist ….

  35. stongerp says:

    Do you think I could use this shot in my magazine? It’s a small bilingual magazine in Taiwan. You can sheck out the magazine at: I’m running a story about digital cable and this is so perfect. Of course I will credit you. Please let me know


  36. stongerp says:

    BTW. My email is Sorry. I should have mentioned that.


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