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Were You A Fan Of ABC’s “Port Charles”?

Question by Melissa L: Were You A Fan Of ABC’s “Port Charles”?
The supernatural GH spin-off.

Did you like this one or you didn’t care to see it go?

Best answer:

Answer by angelique48033
Yes…I totally liked it…Didn’t get into it until I heard there was a vampire
storyline involved…I was very sorry to see it end….Wish it could have been on for an hour everyday…..

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5 Responses to “Were You A Fan Of ABC’s “Port Charles”?”

  1. Suria says:

    ‘Yea…puts twighlight 6 feet under.

  2. ♥Jen♥ says:

    I loved it! I didn’t think I would like it once they went in the supernatural direction but I loved it even more then! I miss it so much and was so ticked when they cancelled it without giving us any closure on the story lines!

  3. Julie C says:

    I loved that show!!!
    Besides the vampire storyline, I loved the Time in a Bottle story too with Karen. That was really cool.
    Allison and Rafe was my other favorite couple! I named my youngest daughter Allison. She was born in 2003.
    We were in the process of moving when it ended so I missed the last of it and I was so bummed! I tried to see it when it was on Soap Net and then they stopped showing it on there too? At least I can’t find it. It may take finding someone who’s put it on youtube or hulu to finally watch it all.

  4. Violin2 says:

    I liked it! I sometimes wonder what happened to crazy eccentric lucy coe

  5. ladyscootr says:

    I liked it. But then again, I always loved Lucy Coe. She is such a fun character to watch. Plus that was when Scotty had a story of his own, not just trotted out once in a while to be the town jacka*s! I used to love Scotty, too, not anymore.

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