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We’re Having a Baby

Ricky sings to Lucy when he finds out they are going to have a baby
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25 Responses to “We’re Having a Baby”

  1. CazK88 says:

    Who cares! Racism is what divide this world as a whole.

  2. rickyfan3956 says:

    Anybody else here cry when Ricky suddenly realizes that HE’S the daddy-to-be? I know I did!

  3. tranurse says:

    @MrSample666 he was cuban. even if he was mexican, so????

  4. 1976SaraM says:

    Classic moment in tv history. I love that episode.

  5. Etheline says:

    I think that the emotions are real! So moving and beautiful!!!

  6. theminicooper says:

    I’m a 23 year old boy… and This actually made me cry…

  7. 1simaddict1 says:

    @MrBobMartini1 That’s cuz they really started tearing up and that wasn’t supposed to happen. There was supposed to be a different ending but they descided to go with this one and I’m glad that they did. This is one of my Fav eps. I love lucy made history in a lot of wasys snf thats why it is and always will be s classic.

  8. tisgemuh says:

    Cubans are a mix between African and Spanish–racially and culturally. Technically, Cubans are biracial/multiracial. Even Spaniards are biracial and multiracial. They were under Arab rule hundreds of years, hence their “cafe con leche” complexion. Just because he descends from Europeans (like all Latin Americans) does not make him “white”. It was an interracial and intercultural marriage. Perhaps another reason that it sadly didn’t work out for them.

  9. grandmama05 says:

    Do you or anyone have the actual episode where she does have the baby? I think he is dressed for a show…

  10. tlf243 says:

    This is my favorite episode too. I agree that you can truly see how much they loved each other. You can’t write that, or direct it the way it happened. Perfect. I wish they would have stayed together. We love you Lucy and Desi and know you are together now.

  11. ArielBlaise says:

    beautiful scene…love watching it just to see how emotional and in love they were in this moment. so sweet.

  12. MrSample666 says:

    @TheArmo1 Arnaz was a fuckin Mex……shut the fuck up u spaniard lover………..

  13. italianman1992 says:

    What a beautiful moment, especially the end … like most people say this has to be one of the most realistic scenes in the history of television. Thank God they used this take and not the second one like the director wanted. You will never see anything like this again. I can’t believe some of the crap that airs on TV now. I’m 21 and I love Lucy and have all of her shows on DVD!

  14. jekorb says:

    THANK you for posting this beautiful piece of television history! Rest in peace, Lucy and Desi………..

  15. Dakotanjulie says:

    @sara1964fox where did desi flubbed a line?

  16. TheArmo1 says:

    @kristianjl No race is NOT in the eye of the beholder. It is a FACT as plain as the DNA that encodes and sequences. Why I am having an argument with someone on youtube, bewilders me. OK OK you win whatever i dont care.

  17. TheArmo1 says:

    so beautiful!

  18. kristianjl says:

    Race is often in the eye of the beholder. You think in America of the 1950′s someone with Desi’s accent would be treated as white? Ha! CBS said, Who would ever believe that an all-American girl like you would be married to a Cuban bongo beater? Can you imagine a network making that kind of comment today?

  19. TheArmo1 says:

    Interracial?? Im afraid not dear. Desi Arnaz was white. He like the majority of Cubans are of white stock descended from Spaniards. Arnaz in particular was descended from an aristocratic line of Spaniards, his great grandfather was one of the first and few SPANIARDS PERSONALLY given land grants from the KING OF SPAIN. His father ANOTHER SPANIARD co-founded the Bacardi Rum Corp. Interracial no, different cultures yes. Desi himself admitted his nationality was Cuban but by blood he was Spaniard.

  20. RAch711baby says:

    I have always cried when i watch this even as a child! still makes me cry!

  21. phlashba says:

    Look when he says, “I bet he’s gonna look just like you” — you can see that Lucy is crying real tears. This is so moving because it’s true. I can’t think of many more powerful moments in the history or television.

  22. phlashba says:

    You said it! :)

  23. kay2be2 says:

    I cry like a baby everytime!

  24. suegtk says:

    I love this !!!! they are emotional and I cry everytime I watch this episode. God Bless Desi and Lucy for all the Love and Laughter they gave to people.
    I love Lucy and Desi !!!

  25. Balina757 says:

    William Asher, who directed this episode, said that Lucy & Desi were crying so hard during this scene (also crew & audience), that they had to reshoot it. But this is the take they used, and the feelings were real.

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