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Welcome to the smug hour- A Bit of Fry and Laurie- BBC Comedy

Welcome to the smug hour with your hosts Stephn Fry and Hugh Laurie! Hilarious sketch from BBC comedy show ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’.
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25 Responses to “Welcome to the smug hour- A Bit of Fry and Laurie- BBC Comedy”

  1. TheMekon says:

    This is just QI.

  2. DiamondbackCobra says:

    @stingy1sam Would that he were, would that he were.

  3. laflugantabastardo says:

    It looks like they have three sides. Maybe they have two signs for each side which they switch during the “switching the bag inside out” part. (Note how long the cameras are aimed at the duo in that bit, with the signs out of the picture.)

  4. stingy1sam says:

    You may be american, but Stephen Fry is British so he would describe himself as a HUMOURIST not a HUMORIST. Would that he were American, would that he were..

  5. axel8grease says:

    I am a Human And I think Stephen Fry is one of the greatest humorists ever.

  6. Lytton333 says:

    ..and of course.. in the inevitable ironic way of these things, Mr Fry has himself become insufferably smug behind the mask of his artful self-deprecaction.

  7. keyblok says:

    @mugwump666 I saw “The Hangover pt 2″ trailer ;)

  8. mugwump666 says:

    @frostek Wrong.

  9. mugwump666 says:

    @ahtaimo Did you know that “the colonel” has been very popular in Britain for years? They love those seven secret herbs and spices. The KFC UK Facebook page has like 16000 “friends”, whatever that means.

    That being said, you do realize that not everyone gets the same ad, right? I was given a Blackberry Tablet ad. They probably aimed a cheap-ass commercial at you when they saw that you are from Canada. Seriously though, try to act like you got some smarts.

  10. kempsdaman says:

    @ahtaimo could really go for a bucket of chicken right now

  11. ahtaimo says:

    why would anybody assume that somebody watching a Bit of Fry and laurie would EVER want to buy bloody KFC chicken? What a stupid advert.

  12. P1votG33k says:

    I just noticed that the signs behind them have 5 sides…geometry fail? Or smug win?

  13. GayforJackSteadman says:

    This is why Americans make fun of British comedy.

  14. RoxasGF says:

    Y’knoq, I’d probably watch this if it was on tv XD
    …wouldn’t put it past the BBC either….

  15. findlayjy says:

    Successful troll is successful

  16. dagrimmreepa says:

    Damn, this was so good that it was extremely difficult to watch – these guys are comic geniuses. They should do another reunion.

  17. thesunreport says:

    a man who influenced a generation so much can do, and be, whatever the hell he likes in my book, Stephen Fry is ace, QI is funny and stimulating. : )

  18. dutchgoing says:

    @jdhathrisen Thanks for the reasonable analysis there. Is it not ironic that Fry has turned into a bit a Robert Robinson? QI is distinctly geeky and Fry really can’t do documentary. All that is left is acting, where he plays a parody of Stephen Fry. He should have stopped years ago but he has his oxbridge friends at the BBC just like Gervais and Brand have friends at Channel 4. He isn’t nearly as good as he was.

  19. jdhathrisen says:

    @dutchgoing I agree that QI isn’t intellectual, but it doesn’t sell itself that way anyway. It’s a trivia quiz show that happens to be hosted by Stephen Fry, who is a lover of language. He’s still got a brilliant way with impressions and is sharp as a tack. Not many other people have been on television as long as he has and still maintain their appeal. And he may not be the smartest man ever (he’s not keen on people calling him “smart” anyway) but I don’t think its any bad thing he’s still on TV

  20. dutchgoing says:

    @hornetgags What on earth is the ‘larger majority of civilisation’? I think you have delusions of self-importance. Fry is a fat boring dull ageing old queen who isn’t very good at documentaries & hosts a tedious quiz show & tells us he likes Abba & a bit of Led Zep. He was terribly funny in the 80s but he’s long long long past his sell-by date. Look how upset you got because you NEVER achieved anything and used poor Stephen to HURL your inadequacy at me. You’re a devoted but SCARY

  21. hornetgags says:

    @dutchgoing And what have you done? It’s so easy to attack isn’t it? So instead of pouring vitriol on someone who the larger majority of civilisation find entertaining and informed, do something about it yourself. If you are capable of critiquing Mr Fry, put your energy into surpassing his success, not attacking him on You Tube as you come across as vitriolic and extremely bitter and your argument does not hold water. However, you are entitled to your unfounded, misguided and prejudiced opinion.

  22. dutchgoing says:

    @hornetgags He hasn’t been funny or remotely entertaining since 1995 I’m afraid. If you enjoy QI and think any programme with Essex-boy Alan Davies in it is ‘intellectual’ then you need to raise your standards a bit about this nasty sad pedant-fest. Fry can’t do travelogues, he’s a closed personality who does not engage well at all and his ‘acting’ reminds me of a dry dull sardonic middle-aged man called Stephen Fry. He was washed-up a long long time ago, but is a sacred cow at the BBC.

  23. hornetgags says:

    @dutchgoing Oh dear god, I feel so sorry for you. Yes attack Mr Fry for being published, directing, acting etc when your greatest achievement is attacking him on You Tube…Mr Fry beware! There is a challenge to your intellect by one who goes by the name of dutchgoing…jealous much?

  24. Raqubor says:

    I don’t understand a thing they say, I know the words but what the hell is going on I do not… (not native English speaker)

  25. bathamsbottom says:

    @evildave9000 You’re welcome

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