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welcome back kotter – the sweathog debate team

the sweathogs take on the debate team , at buchanan high !!!

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25 Responses to “welcome back kotter – the sweathog debate team”

  1. timmy123199 says:

    @WizardGlik you wanna see under her skrit

  2. NNITRED says:

    See kids, there was a time when sitcoms were actually funny!

  3. WizardGlik says:

    Judy is hot!

  4. FunWithAly says:

    Horshack teaches at my school now! He teaches at gstar school of the arts for film and development

  5. americanpopprincess8 says:

    “This coat was worn at the Lincoln-Douglas debate!”
    “This coat was worn at the famous Lincoln-Douglas debate?”
    “I wore this coat when my father, Lincoln, was beating the daylights out of my brother, Douglas!”
    LMFAO!!! Effing classic!

  6. garcemac says:

    James Woods FTW!

  7. garcemac says:

    That’s racist!

  8. RAINBOWLIZY333 says:

    LOOOOOOOLLLL, ha, ha, ha….non-stop fUuuuuunie as heck… Love it !!!
    Nothing like the good old 70′s “Welcome Back Kotter” man…Nothing compares.
    It’s still a classic today.

  9. Murjana says:

    Rosaline..give it to me NOW

  10. cibociscool says:

    OMG its James Woods lol

  11. user00975318642 says:

    There’s something about the 1970′s and 80′s. I wish I lived back then, the people were so original, interesting, and charismatic. And John Travolta should not be compared to Ashton Kutcher, Travolta was much more handsome. They had some characters back then. *sighs

  12. barkpeeler2000 says:

    “juan epstein” is just fun to say, isn’t it??

  13. Eragon1880 says:

    Mr. Mark Levy, the 60-year old teacher who this show was based on, is currently my Earth Science teacher in a school in Long Island. How fucking awesome is that???

  14. vandrick11 says:

    Good morning Mr. Woodmen. Ready for the great debate?
    I am ready Kotter to see you make a complete fool of yourself.
    How’s that Mr. Woodman.
    That’s exactly what I might expect, from a man how expects his sweat hogs to out debate the debate class. Well now I’ll run down and get the turkeys…I mean the debate class

  15. auntbecky says:

    San Juan hill was in cuba not Puerto Rico.

  16. MrSkooty5 says:

    Give it to Mr. Woodman…HE NEEDS IT!!!

  17. SweetSpotGuitar says:

    Early James Woods. Nice

  18. AC1209ROX says:

    “Now, you hit ‘im Margie, my arm’s tired.”

  19. BigDaddyLiberty says:

    James Woods…Hilarious…

  20. bbliciousm101 says:

    this was filmed in new utrecht high school in brooklyn!

  21. crystalguada24 says:

    @gt500cowboy ik lol!

  22. TheMissHughes says:

    @Schwarze999 LOL nooo, i meant JOHN is hotter than ashton kutcher :)

  23. Schwarze999 says:

    @TheMissHughes Ashton Kutcher is a douchebag, how dare you insult John Travolta like that

  24. TheMissHughes says:

    @KCsRachel YEAH! the original Ashton Kutcher ! but hotter :)

  25. betterinformed says:

    i’m trying to find a scene where arnold horshack is carrying his (kids’) lunchbox!

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