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welcome back kotter – gabe’s very first day

gabe kotter becomes a teacher at his old high school,buchanan high,and is assigned to the sweathog class, where he once belonged, himself.
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25 Responses to “welcome back kotter – gabe’s very first day”

  1. ogloccness says:

    “The woman’s holey, holey!”

  2. MrCarl220 says:

    Gabe Kaplan was amazing!!

  3. tobinbryan says:

    then whyd we tie em up vinnie lol

  4. RAINBOWLIZY333 says:

    LOOOOOOOLLLL, ha, ha, ha….non-stop fUuuuuunie as heck… Love it !!!
    Nothing like the good old 70′s “Welcome Back Kotter” man…Nothing compares.
    It’s still a classic today.

  5. Eragon1880 says:

    Mr. Mark Levy, the 60-year old teacher who this show was based on, is currently my Earth Science teacher in a school in Long Island. How fucking awesome is that???

  6. thatsthesameoldshit says:

    Why do wives always worry about bills? Some things never change.

  7. BlueTeamPlayer says:

    Best group of students ever.

  8. Justus331 says:

    Kotter’s wife: Marcia Strassman

  9. chandlerherbert2 says:

    This show ranks up in the top 20 of all times!

  10. RockmanVX says:

    @gothatway09 Isn’t that how every show involving teenagers works?

  11. pumkinpatch says:

    So why we tie him up Vinny……LOLOLOL

  12. forego49 says:

    julie strassman is hot

  13. novanine9 says:

    i saw a raw video of Jimmy Connors arguing with a line judge one time….SOUNDED JUST LIKE GABE….

  14. JASONWCACURA says:

    Principal Woodman watched this 6 times

  15. asnaes says:

    Horshack’s dumbass nerd laugh gets me every time.

  16. gothatway09 says:

    None of those guys looked like teenagers. They all look like 25 or 30 year old men.

  17. gothatway09 says:

    Mr. Khaa-taay!!!

  18. VincentVegas76 says:

    @hivelocity100 she is built for Doggie ;-)

  19. D3maine says:

    @waynegreer72 Off their case, toilet face.

  20. suenelson1024 says:

    How is she hot, she is shaped like a man. lolol

  21. stitchesful says:

    @fbebeats I guess so.

  22. fbebeats says:

    @stitchesful both.

  23. 1skullduggery says:

    please excuse gabey from any more sit coms while he starts his poker cxareer; signed, ‘epstein’s mother’.

  24. waynegreer72 says:

    Watched this show in the 70;s. And the only thing I remembered about was what a terrible actor was Gabe Kaplin. John Travolta as a standout with star quality compared to the others and how flat chested his wife was.

  25. Pippie says:

    I guess 4 people had their cabs stolen and didn’t get them back.

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