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Welcome Back Kotter

1970′s show

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25 Responses to “Welcome Back Kotter”

  1. wolfman4u1 says:

    now all kotter does is play poker

  2. DAyomandude says:

    Thank God nobody’s made a Scrubs reference yet.
    Also, good song.

  3. Wellch says:

    Wish gangs were more like the Sweathogs.

  4. sanjurodog says:

    Taken back by Welcome Back.

    Those were the days.

  5. PantherFunk32474 says:

    ashland 1977
    not too many. Sad but true

  6. ashland1977 says:

    I have never been to Brooklyn. Is there anything left of Brooklyn that resembles the tight knit community and neighborhoods that I have seen and read about? Just wondering……

  7. escdelesp says:

    @PEANUTLOVEDADY NOw that I think about it, I started watching these two shows because of the intro’s


    @rich1223 right on man brooklyn in the 70s n 80s rocked i miss our brooklyn when brooklyn was BROOKLYN


    @escdelesp and the greatest american hero had a great one too


    i know what you mean i used to get off the school bus then change into my street clothes then i would go outside go play with my friends then go home to do my homework while mom was cooking and all them great shows were on tv while i was doing my home work wow those days were great welcome back kottor happy days the fonz aaaaaaaaa threes company all in the family the hulk the six milloin dallor man the brandy bunch alice one day at a time good times the love boat the football games playing atari

  11. papiiuenvy186 says:

    wow i remember when utrecht had the dirt field with the track around it. it used to be opened to the public.

  12. torrents4u2c says:

    70′s what great televison. John Travolta. I thought he was mentally handicapped. Now look at him. Good actor, great villian. Travolta must have been gifted to appear so messed up. Welcome Back Kotter was one of many great comedies of the 70′s. My kids loved those shows and so did I.

  13. gothatway09 says:

    Hey Hey Mr. Khaa-taaay!!!

  14. NATIVExAssassin says:

    i wish they would put this back on Nick at Nite

  15. 4858312 says:

    @MichaelBrookham It actually sounds more like Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs…”Washington”.

  16. ChevyGearheads says:


  17. whycantihavemyownuse says:

    @TheRichieCShow LOL a buch of hard workers

  18. tobs22 says:

    36 people didn’t have a note

  19. 1skullduggery says:

    please excuse gabey from teaching class this year so he can start his poker career; signed, epstein’s mother.

  20. Gekmdal says:

    @jimamia77 yeah, from what i hear that organ works now. i went there from 78 – 83 and it wasn’t working for those 4 years either. when you went there, was “chookies” still the place to get a burger and fries after school?

  21. arhuxtable says:

    Ah,Welcome Back Kotter! The show that made John Travolta a superstar although he was not first-billed in the opening credits.

  22. jimamia77 says:

    New Utrecht High!! I had 2 take that gritty old train 2 that place every day. It had a church organ in the auditorium but it didn’t work.

  23. latinbrother says:

    This show made me long to live in Brooklyn!!!

  24. 718Beautiful says:

    i miss this show sooooo muchhhhhh : /

  25. 1skullduggery says:

    signed, “epstein’s mother”.

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