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Weird Al Yankovic on The Pat Sajak Show, July 1989 PART 1

Part 1 of 2. I found this on an old Betamax tape surrounded by episodes of Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures. It aired July, 1989.

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25 Responses to “Weird Al Yankovic on The Pat Sajak Show, July 1989 PART 1”

  1. Tosswallyproductions says:

    Pat Sajak is the freaking man!! A comedic genius in his own way.

  2. jamestargetedindiv says:

    Check my comments in my channel for information about the Pre-January 8th version of Inception.

  3. maquick says:

    I’ve never commented on youtube before. I just needed to say how impressed I am that Pat Sajak-of all people- actually pronounced zoology correctly. 3:15

  4. youvegotmailed says:

    weird al never losses character

  5. vikingtwingopherfan says:

    “Ever since I was about ten years old I wanted to be on the Pat Sajak show.”LOL

    Al, you are the man!!

  6. FutureNewsAnchor says:

    I love how Al struggles with the curtains!

  7. MrThrasha666 says:


  8. jwgreek8606 says:

    @jnby Back to the Future II did not launch until November.

  9. wfbgenius says:

    actually, it goes “Stuck in a closet with vanna white, stuck in a closet with vanna white, night after night after night after night, all right.”

  10. that1weirdkid27 says:

    “Every so often a woman on the east coast will mail herself to me in a box.” –yeah that would be me. XD

  11. madcapromanian says:

    There were so many off the wall 1980′s personalities back in these days and all the interviewers were strickt stuffed shirts. I wonder how Elvira would have been treated by Pat (Wheel Of Fortune was my lucky break) Sajack?

  12. TheRiggyRiggs says:

    Pat Sajak is a douche.

  13. almoissu says:

    Wow, Pat Sajak is not easily amused. :

  14. Halo1Rox says:

    heh yeah he reminds me of letterman



  16. vigo894 says:

    Wow, there were still Beta units around in 1989? That’s amazing.

    Too bad UHF came out during the Summer of 1989. What with Batman, Ghostbusters 2, and Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade out in theatres.

  17. SummertmeBrews says:

    “Do you dress like this when you go out to buy some bread and milk?…..”Well, not the same underwear” lol

  18. bobmanny11 says:

    pat looks like ” yeah yeah ok ok SHUT UP! yeah yeah haha not funny. yeah yeah i wanna kill myself”

  19. MrDukemeister says:

    I was going to watch the Pat Sajak Show but I was sick that day.

  20. PWXgame says:

    mabye his balls droped xD

  21. existenceisrelative says:

    It happens to everyone.
    Like getting old or molested by giraffe.

  22. Pinesal says:

    Hmm. Anyone else think his voice has changed?

  23. TheSuperGamefreak says:

    XD he’s even funny on a talk show

  24. haleyfamily1975 says:

    I know! When did this happen?

  25. jnby says:

    UHF is an awesome movie.  It’s just a shame that it launched the same week as Back to the Future. Poor UHF never had a chance.

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