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Weird Al & Ricky Ricardo — Babalu Music

My name isn’t Cuban Pete. From AL-TV #6.

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9 Responses to “Weird Al & Ricky Ricardo — Babalu Music”

  1. devout05 says:

    Where can I get this song?

  2. moviechick9620 says:

    that was disturbingly great!

  3. rodanvideo says:

    There is a better quality clip. Search “Babalu Music” by user “rodanvideo.”

  4. craponnaruto says:

    I say TV lasted until 2004.Then it became shit.

  5. MrTeddyBass says:

    I miss this! Thank for posting! Weir Al took great care to get this one right!

  6. JBToppersmith says:

    “Back when TV was fun,” huh? You, my good friend, have discovered my new motto in life.

  7. AlphaOrange75 says:

    for ages I had this on a vhs I taped back in the day…hehe back when tv was fun.

  8. KremlinH says:

    Wish there was better quality, this is awesome

  9. WeirdAlYankFan27 says:

    That was disturbingly insane.

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