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Webbers Red Faces Skit (Hey Hey It’s Saturday)

Webbers Red Faces Skit (Hey Hey It’s Saturday) Channel 9, 14/04/2010 Power Rangers Dance Troop – Kung Fu Party Red must of loved it so much, he broke is gong
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25 Responses to “Webbers Red Faces Skit (Hey Hey It’s Saturday)”

  1. itwiggysticks says:

    What song is it??? I LOVE IT!

  2. XxMzt4RVLCNRYxX says:

    LOL WTF 1:13

  3. AdmiralofU2 says:

    When the pommel fell off the mallet, the stick looked like a cigarette

  4. BroomeBlocker4 says:

    @smashedmatt so is the chick playing the violin at the start

  5. TheOneAndOnly285 says:

    @RobStoj69 thnx

  6. smashedmatt says:

    Wow, the pink ranger is gorgeous!

    I loved this, I was a huge Power Rangers fan as a kid, seeing this was hilarious!

  7. ChipMidget says:

    Hey that’s the chick off sea patrol lol

  8. chams4 says:

    that is so funny lmao

  9. RobStoj69 says:

    @TheOneAndOnly285 Jump by Van Halen

  10. TheOneAndOnly285 says:

    Heyy wats the song the band play at the begining???

  11. Bozo695 says:

    hahaha dave fell over, still as gumby as he was at googa last year

  12. chesterclive says:


  13. AMJABAS says:

    ahhaah he broke the bang stick!!

  14. EODChaosWo1f says:

    dongeless lol great stuff

  15. Winsimp123 says:

    that girl on the violin luvs herself shes so annoying

  16. ouftproductionz says:


  17. mattskate109 says:

    daaaveeee <3

  18. scarface2148 says:


  19. darijoe says:

    It’s so funny how Red lost his head at 1:21!

  20. saikamaniac says:

    anyone know the name of the song they’re dancing to?

  21. Yoyh99 says:

    guys if you wanna check out the full version of this dance theres a video which has the webbers full kung fu dance routine of this. type this in to youtube search bar – Webbers Red Faces Skit (Hey Hey It’s Saturday)

  22. celiaannlucas says:

    Webber family, you are my heroes!

  23. shaneallen7 says:

    Incredible talent – but it’s genetic. 38 years ago, I saw their Dad do a skit of ‘Ol Man Emu’ at high school – and it was brilliant also.

  24. VanMan1 says:

    @Tommo69r The Gong Show was a comedy/variety show in the 1970s in the U.S. hosted by creator Chuck Barris. It also had a celebrity panel of three judges and a big gong that the judges would ring if they heard or saw enough of an act they didn’t like.

    No, I’m not Australian.

  25. Tommo69r says:

    @VanMan1 how long has this ‘The gong show’ been around for? P.S. are you australian

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