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WE Bear in mind VIVIAN VANCE Portion 1

WE Bear in mind VIVIAN VANCE

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14 Responses to “WE Bear in mind VIVIAN VANCE Portion 1”

  1. stargate121 says:

    It’s just not the same without the potted plant.

  2. east215 says:

    Lucy’s my girl, but I love Ethel. The best action is a reaction and Viv is the Queen. Love the sarcasm!

  3. delidude1999 says:

    @vAIERIEHARPER121 yes she could — perfect second banana

  4. vAIERIEHARPER121 says:

    Vivian ws the best she had the best one liners and zingers :)

  5. mgmbacklot says:

    Vivian Vance.. a comic legend.. and this girl doing here is great… but…….

  6. ChandlerandMonica83 says:

    luv viv!!!

  7. IXLoveXLucilleXBall says:

    Vivian Vance was the best at tieing together Lucy’s jokes. She was always there to add a last minute whitty comment which always had us dying laughing… She was the greatest

  8. wwecindy4 says:

    Thanks :)

  9. truediabolique69 says:

    shortenin’ bread

  10. kellyjustus says:

    Now you guys all know this in not Vivian right

  11. wwecindy4 says:

    Whats the name of the song?

  12. Kleokhareia says:

    Thank you for this rare video.

  13. vonkavonka says:

    I luv Vivian!!!

  14. Prizm2356 says:

    Vivian was the best

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