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Watching “Days of Our Lives” on Tape

Watching “Days of Our Lives” on Tape

Image by CaptPiper
Yeah, I know it’s dumb, but by this time, I need some brain candy. (Kate is about to reveal that the evil Stan was really Sami in disguise, and then Lucas will dump her. It’s sad, really, since if it wasn’t for Kate framing the innocent Sami the first time, she never would have agreed to the Stan plot for revenge. It would help if her mother didn’t have amnesia…)

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5 Responses to “Watching “Days of Our Lives” on Tape”

  1. *CA* says:

    Very brave of you to admit you actually tape this.

  2. CaptPiper says:

    LOL! Yes, I thought it was, too.
    But I had decided to be very honest about my day. And you would be surprised how many closet soap opera watchers there are out there.

  3. diastema says:

    I was digging this set so far, but this pic sealed the deal!! I had a babysitter who loved DOOL and I’ve watched it ever since. I don’t tape it, but will always tune in if I’m home during the day. Even my boyfriend watches, and Sami is our favorite by far!

  4. CaptPiper says:

    Yeah, Sami’s a stitch, isn’t she?

  5. DK10 | Stove With A House says:

    As a previously-closeted Days fan who just recently came out, thank you for this hilarious photo. And I have to say, even my husband likes Sami.

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