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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Flying Sub for FS 2004Pt II

Update video so you can see the existing state of the model. The opening sequence uses OUR model in the splashdown sequence.

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25 Responses to “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Flying Sub for FS 2004Pt II”

  1. mccjoh1 says:

    iNCREDIBLE!……Simply incredible effects, great work people, Have you ever been recruited by DARPA?

  2. centurionknight says:


  3. Turizzle says:

    In reality, how would the front window hold up to the pressure of going from Air to Water? Wouldn’t the pressure from impact just shatter it? In Theory?

  4. BlueHeavenBound says:

    I remember in the opening credits, it said ‘The year is 1973… there will be flying subs”. 1973!

  5. varanid9 says:

    That was great work! The FS-1 like I’d never seen it.

  6. Finkletonian says:

    Im pretty sure it would skip off the water when landing.

  7. GoldGriffin80 says:

    So, I’m wondering, how is this NOT a possible real-world vehicle? The design seems sound enough.

  8. Steadyrock100 says:

    In reality It would take a lot to get something like this into the air.

  9. trekguy66 says:

    Too cool…

  10. luckyfingers1213 says:

    How did you do this (progam or game?)

  11. deputytess says:

    Very cool!! I loved that show but I always covered my eyes when the scary monsters appeared or someone hit Capt. Crane. I just loved Capt. Crane.

  12. jhockeyman08 says:

    it doesnt even go underwater

  13. cubuff80 says:

    I had a model of the flying sub when I was a kid. One of the most awesome props ever.

  14. binoculord says:


  15. garrisonsgorrillaz1 says:

    Very good

  16. garrisonsgorrillaz1 says:

    Very good

  17. DutchTuna says:

    lot of fun to see one of my childhood TV ships brought to life. Still looks cool

  18. mirusmedia says:

    This is fantastic, I love it. I use to watch Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea when I was in elementary school. I always loved the Flying Sub. Great job animating it.

  19. 1banryukyu says:

    Very cool

  20. rem2267 says:

    When in flight, the sub looks like an angry potato chip. Ya gotta love it for that, if nothing else!

    (I’m having trouble posting, don’t know why)

  21. Trailltrader says:

    It uses the same system that the V2 rockets did- that is, small vanes are in the exhaust of the jets/propellers that by turning them, turns the whole unit.

    FS 1 has the same problem that all multipurpose vehicles have- they can do it all, but not very well at doing just one thing.

    The FS 1 in a dogfight would be swatted from the sky like a fly being hit by a brick

  22. Trailltrader says:

    you may not remember this- but when I was a kid and they’d fire up FS 1 she was atomic powered and the interior shots were pretty cool

  23. Nile505 says:

    how does it generate lift?

  24. brookestephen says:

    Damn sweet!

  25. bryanttillman says:

    a bryant tillman pick…too cool

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