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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

3D Animation based on “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” an Irwin Allen’s Sci-Fi Television series. Feb, 16 2008
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26 Responses to “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”

  1. camuchita777 says:

    gracias por poner el tema del tv show,me trae muy buenos recuerdos de cuando la veia en tv en blanco y negro,yo era su fan cada semana cuando la pasaban en la television,estaba enamorada de Chip Morton,y tambien me gustaba David Hedison ambos eran guapos jajajajajajj

  2. Isotec1 says:

    this is what is missing from TV today,great theme music and writing

  3. Jack21cl says:

    @moogsy147 So I I, I am 46 and think the same as you do. I have nice memories from those years. It would be great to get in touch with you. Regards. Chris,

  4. JKSpiero says:

    Wasn’t Peter Lorre featured as a crewman in the original 2-hr movie pilot? Guess Conseil of Disney’s 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA wasn’t his only submarine role. That first Seaview adventure also smacked eerily of Tom Clancy’s later HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, in that the Seaview was being hunted down before it could fire a nuke missile into the Van Allen Belt. Wonder if SEAQUEST DSV may have lifted a few series plot lines from this show? All the more reason to study this classic again.

  5. ingravegreen says:

    @moogsy147 and we will never get an oppertunity to see the likes of some of those fine actors again. Sawtell the composer as Basehart (Nelson) will live on forever, even after my death.

  6. Zooney1 says:

    This theme tune is not only one of the best from the sixties but of all time – exciting evocative and simply a beautiful piece of music.
    I remember the end theme being somewhat longer – do you have the end theme to upload at all? That would be fantastic.

  7. commentnotapproved1 says:

    The horns, the triangle and the strings create a timing/clock/countdown effect……..brilliant music!

  8. Noveltooner says:

    The theme was written and composed by Paul Sawtell, who also scored the original theatrical film starring Walter Pidgeon and Robert Sterling in the parts played by Richard Basehart and David Hedison on television. Sawtell also scored the original 1958 20th Century-Fox shocker, “The Fly,” which saw Hedison and a fly switch heads and an arm / claw. Far less gory than the excellent Jeff Goldblum revisioning, but equally effective.

  9. windstorm1000 says:

    @moogsy147 I agree with you–they were all so stylish and atmospheric.

  10. coatlecue says:

    what happened to the goddamn sonar pings. as a kid i loved those

  11. JxT1957 says:

    Most beautiful sounding TV intro ever.

  12. englandmadethewest says:

    The start was good, but I thought the flying sub was going to run out of gas as the tune went on.

  13. chkjns says:

    @creccy I just used this to replace the ‘dead’ vid on my 1961 playlist of 95 songs. Come check it out: A playlist for every year since 1900, so you can REALLY pull back those good memories from the past! 600 playlists in all, it’s an archive of a century of music from around the world. chuck

  14. CaptainNemoful says:

    This is a Awesome Video Here, with ART in it ~ !!!!(O)_(O)!!!!
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  15. Capt777harris says:

    Good stuff.

  16. serberious says:

    The Seaview was the ONLY submarine to serve aboard.

  17. creccy says:

    my days as a kid watching this series on a saturday with my dad and brother my dad gone now but each time i hear the theme music how i get back to when my dad was with us all

  18. Probesoul says:

    yes …what memories…. and that flying sub

  19. nurktwin1960 says:

    Nice job.

    The flying sub sounds like a table saw.

  20. moogsy147 says:

    The programmes in the sixties had great themes – I’m 46 and nothing comes close these days

  21. TimelordR says:

    I think it’s about high time for a new movie version of this 60′s Sci-Fi classic & in 3D no less!

  22. edantes2008 says:

    Irwin Allen was a genious ahead of his time in his time

  23. MyLalinea says:

    loveia en espana cuando yo vivia alli.

  24. ssosmcin says:

    Great job. Voyage rules.

  25. ingravegreen says:

    You forgot to add the late Paul Sawtell’s fine music to those credits.

  26. Alexander7 says:

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