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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1966) – Opening, Intro, Closing, & End Theme Music & Credits

Before the adventures of the crew of the USS Enterprise, there were the adventures of the Seaview.
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25 Responses to “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1966) – Opening, Intro, Closing, & End Theme Music & Credits”

  1. bored1ca says:

    @tjfreak LOL – so true but that’s Uncle Irwin for ya!

  2. gloriaojeda says:

    por favor pongan capitulos traducidos al español latino

  3. Excelsior2007 says:

    Nice to see them using footage from the original Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea movie. You can tell by the number of windows on the Seaview’s nose. There are eight instead of four.

  4. SteelAlloyBell says:

    Did this scene use some underwater shots from the Walter Pigeon movie (1961) version? I ask because the windows in the glass nose in the beginning of this episode are different than the smaller and more windows that are shown as the Seaview tries to escape the drone.

  5. THEDUDE771000 says:

    This beats “Jersey Shores” any DAY!;-]

  6. consul1957 says:

    Coolest looking submarine ever!

  7. tjfreak says:

    Just started playing on Me or Metoo near Chicago been decades since I’ve seen it

  8. tjfreak says:

    @ignoblius What a silly question…duh ? the same messages as the unlabeled flashing lights that were in the Jupiter ll and at the command center in Time tunnel

  9. ignoblius says:

    0:34 What kind of information is a panel of unlabeled flashing lights supposed to convey?

  10. 19GN03 says:

    I Loved that series, is the complete series somwere to buy

    please mail me

  11. MrSamsul67 says:

    Film yang diputar ketika saya masih SD. Kembali memory itu muncul ketika fil ini bisa dilihat di youtube.

  12. MONGOOSE1ful says:

    “VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA” was ABC’s Sunday night treat,in
    the late 60s. this was Irwin Allen in his prime,shortly before his “master of disaster”
    title hung over him. in this time period,the series was superior,with LB Abbott’s
    Emmy winning SPFX,as the underwater scenes were indeed genuine,using the
    now defunct Fox mote. even with today’s FX,nothing could outdo these great
    scenes! even when Irwin Allen shot his “RETURN OF CAPT NEMO” mini-series
    at Warner Bros. in 1978,it failed,badily!

  13. TheCAPTAINNEMOful says:

    @001Nigel That is one of my favorites too, “The wax-men”

  14. luridplanet says:

    Watch the first 2 season’s on hulu d o t c o m…Can’t figure out why the series dropped off the air 15 years ago. So as not to interfere with videotape and DVD sales probably.

  15. 001Nigel says:

    My favorite episode was waxmen.

  16. joshweiss01 says:

    I know that this is nit picky B. S. but what the hell. The sub chase where the drone sub keeps firing was used not only in the 1961 feature but also in the pilot episode: “Eleven Days To Zero”, where it was also a drone with a bald Theo Marcus suddenly replacing a bald Werner Klemperer practically in mid scene. Yes, it didn’t make sense to me either. A continuity problem popped up with Cranes brown holster suddenly changing to a black one in a short sequence. I’d like to see a bridge schematic!

  17. TheCAPTAINNEMOful says:

    @HAGHER1 Yes these were the best of all times, The Good times….. You can say that again-!!!~ I miss them But however I have all The DVD’S > The whole collection of >Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, So it’s just like yesterday, The Good Days are back, So back to The Good Times 4 me, & all who have These DVD’S OF VOYAGE., 4 these great officers, I give them a helping hand & a repeated Salutes, when The Job is completed.
    The Seaview is a big Submarine, She is 620 feet long.

  18. HAGHER1 says:

    Good times…..

  19. TheCAPTAINNEMOful says:

    @echoes707 Your Welcome Jean~!!~ I’m glad you like them,>I have all of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Which is All 110 show on DVD, Yes Please do buy them Jean !!!

  20. echoes707 says:

    @TheCAPTAINNEMOful i use to watch this tv series the 70s i thing i am gone to buy the DVD THANKS

  21. TheCAPTAINNEMOful says:

    ~AWESOMENESS~ to all your stuff mate~

    ★★★★★★★QUINTILLIONS★★★★★★★OF★★★★★★★FOREVER★★★★★★★STARS★★★★★★★TO: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, & 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, I love these both~!!!~

    Love your video’s 47MHzFan~!!!~ There True Masterpieces~!!!~

  22. davidrubiomartin says:

    @thundermax7 chuck norris

  23. davidrubiomartin says:

    @rolex452 typical self serveing self apointed leaders of the world!

  24. BlutoonArab says:

    After a few episodes you knew the sailors in the red boilersuits were going to get killed by the alien ,baddies or deformed mutated fish first before the crew were alerted

  25. shysurprise80 says:

    @rolex452 aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha oh man you just cracked me up ! perfection in skilled writings !

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