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Vivian Vance//Viva La Vida

a tribute to Vivian Vance. A women who doesn’t practically get the recognition she deserves. I do not own anything in this video
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10 Responses to “Vivian Vance//Viva La Vida”

  1. ilovelucy1992 says:

    @justjack78 omg I could watch Lucy all day every day!! and I just love viv!

  2. justjack78 says:

    i can watch “i love lucy” nonstop! especially any scene with ethel!

  3. ilovelucy1992 says:

    @scott29501 I agree…It would not have been the same without either one of them

  4. scott29501 says:

    Without Vivian, there really wouldn’t have been a Lucy and vice versa. So I’m glad those two met each other.

  5. ilovelucy1992 says:

    @VintageTelevision863 i no!! i was watching some of the Lucy Show last night and thinking the same thing! love them both so much! <3

  6. VintageTelevision863 says:

    I love all of Vivian & Lucy’s blue eye shadow; only they could make it look classy <3

  7. ilovelucy1992 says:

    @MichaelPSims thanks! i really wanted to do something for vivian…i think she was amazing on all of the lucy shows and i love her!!

  8. MichaelPSims says:

    Awesome and she does not get the credit she deserves…..

  9. ilovelucy1992 says:

    @illnsp08 thank you! i really wanted to give her the credit she deserves

  10. illnsp08 says:

    Great vid to Viv! U gave her due credit!

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