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Vivian Vance//Breaking Down

another tribute to Vivian Vance. She was a funny and amazing women that deserves so much more credit than she got! I do not own anything in this video.
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23 Responses to “Vivian Vance//Breaking Down”

  1. JubalCalif says:

    Well said & well put! Thanks for your insightful & informative comments! :-)

  2. weightfeather1 says:

    @JubalCalif Vivian dealt with mental illness a couple of different times in her life and some of it was worsened by her unhappy marriage to Phil Ober. She took analysis for many years and it cured her. She was a consumate professional, even though she and Bill Frawley may not have been fond of each other. Although she loved Lucy like a sister, they fought sometimes, but early on, she told someone (I’m paraphrasing here) “For the money they’re paying me, I’m going to learn to love the bitch!”

  3. JubalCalif says:

    I totally agree! She was a sexy & smart lady. Too bad her 3rd marriage (to fellow actor Philip Ober) was so unhappy – he reportedly was mentally abusive. But she did have a very happy last marriage. The classic “I Love Lucy” would not be the huge success it was if not for TOP NOTCH second bananas like Viv & Fred (though it’s well known they detested each other off screen….but you’d never know it by their professional attitude when it came to their work).

  4. tommieparch says:

    great work!! ive allways been a Vivian fan..

  5. ilovelucy1992 says:

    @DMSteller87 Yup, you’re right! It’s from season 4 Ethel’s Hometown

  6. DMSteller87 says:

    Wasn’t the photo at 1:17 used in an I Love Lucy episode? When they visit Ethel’s childhood home and Lucy holds up a picture and says: “Ethel! Is this you?” Or am I confusing it with something else?

  7. reno1uest says:

    @joejulcatz Sulene Fleming is the artist.

  8. lastrada52 says:

    She is actually a very beautiful woman. Just look at the pictures. The GREATEST sidekick / partner in crime any comedian could ever hope to have. And Lucy got her. As great as Lucy was, even she admitted in interviews, Vivian Vance made her even greater. No doubt. The chemistry was magical. Her place in TV and comedy history is secure. I loved her even when I was watching for the very first time in the late 50′s. She and Lucy are up there with Laurel & Hardy and Abbott & Costello.

  9. kjbmwj says:

    Thank you for this wonderful video of a wonderful actress

  10. Thadesgal says:

    @joejulcatz Try the “Twilight” soundtrack. Not a fan of Twilight.

  11. SidJustice1 says:

    A very unsung heroine in tv.

  12. ilovelucy1992 says:

    @texangirl1964 Thank you!! I love making videos for my two favorite people :)

  13. texangirl1964 says:

    Beautiful Tribute, Thank You for taking the time to make this. :-)

  14. joejulcatz says:

    Great song choice. Thanks for responding.

  15. ilovelucy1992 says:

    @joejulcatz thanks! Im not sure who sings it lol…I got it from the audio swap on youtube

  16. joejulcatz says:

    Pretty song, “Breaking Down.” Who sings it?

  17. ilovelucy1992 says:

    @weightfeather1 Thanks! She was beautiful and also very funny and it was down played in a lot of her roles

  18. weightfeather1 says:

    Funny, but pictures and interviews of Vivian not taken at the different Lucy shows present Vivian in a much more attractive way. She was actually a very beautiful lady and that was played-down for her comedy roles.

  19. Desiluforever says:

    Wow! I Love it really great

  20. deszinator says:

    @ilovelucy1992 I’m so glad to hear that! I’ll be watching it :)

  21. ilovelucy1992 says:

    @deszinator thank you!! Viv really does deserve more credit. im working on another tribute for her now =)

  22. deszinator says:

    Loove it! Vivan Vance deserves another tribute :)

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