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Vivian Vance Tribute.

Rare Pictures and video clips ,A Tribute to a fantastic woman who does not get sufficient recognition. Hope you get pleasure from.XxX I do not own any of the copyright. No copyright infrigment intended.

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24 Responses to “Vivian Vance Tribute.”

  1. Pectoris4 says:

    @karilwyn1959 Thanks for your kind words about the late, great Vivian Vance. Bill Frawley hated her because she had the guts to stand up to him and condemn his rude behavior. However, it was a credit to both actors that the public could not guess from the show that there was such animosity behind the scenes.

  2. karilwyn1959 says:

    @MarilynxDoris Well thank you! That was very sweet of you to say. :-)

  3. MarilynxDoris says:

    I agree with everything you have said, very true. =)

  4. karilwyn1959 says:

    “I Love Lucy” because she WAS “The Queen of Comedy”. But Vivian was great also and “I Love Ethel” is right up there next to Lucy. It always bothered me that they paired her with “Fat Old Freddie” because he was so much older and mean calling her fat when she was NOT, but he sure was! I loved Vivian because she was “real” and I know if I’d known her in real life she would have been a best friend. “I Love You Ethel” and thanks for all the laughter you left for us.

  5. MarkinDC says:

    Gosh what a wonderful tribute – never seen many of these photos, etc. THANKS for posting.

  6. MarilynxDoris says:

    @misswings83 Thank you Darlin : )

  7. misswings83 says:

    What a lovely tribute to a lovely woman. 5 stars =D

  8. MarilynxDoris says:

    Your Very Welcome and Thank You, Viv was wonderful and if your Auntie was anything like her you were Very Lucky to have such a person in your life. Thanks .X

  9. slej2001 says:

    Viv always reminded me of my great aunt
    in her later yrs. I got very choked up watching this tribute. I loved both of them
    very much. Many thanks for this lovely tribute to a great comedienne

  10. ILoveLucyStreet says:

    @illnsp08 Haha!! :)

  11. MarilynxDoris says:

    @dezinator Thank you very Much X

  12. dezinator says:

    Adore your tribute! You did a great job!

  13. MarilynxDoris says:

    @lucy1fanwholovesbabs Thank you X

  14. lucy1fanwholovesbabs says:

    i love it:D

  15. MarilynxDoris says:

    @desiarnazfan1951 Thank you very Much Im glad ! X

  16. desiarnazfan1951 says:

    just amazing=) i enjoy it very much

  17. MarilynxDoris says:

    Yeh no problem looking forward to watching it ! X I dont think so your videos are always great ! XxX

  18. illnsp08 says:

    @MarilynxDoris Is it ok if i use it for my Lucy tribute. Im thinkin of making a video. Shld i? Hope i havent lost my touch. haha..

  19. MarilynxDoris says:

    @illnsp08 Thank you Natalie . I love the song too its amazing!

  20. MarilynxDoris says:

    @ILoveLucyStreet She certainly is all that, and its such a lovley name to ever call your daughter. I would as the same as Natalie call my child Lucille . X

  21. illnsp08 says:

    Viv is so pretty. Never seen the pics before. Thks for the tribute!

  22. illnsp08 says:

    I love this song!! Have it on my mp3.
    Im faving! Lovin it!

  23. illnsp08 says:

    @ILoveLucyStreet Then i’llname mine Lucille and they’ll be the best of friends. hahas!

  24. ILoveLucyStreet says:

    She is so beautiful, so amazing, so wonderful…If I ever have a daughter, I’m naming her Vivian. I absolutely adore the woman. She is incredible. <3

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