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Vivian Vance roasts Lucille Ball

Dean Martin Roast
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25 Responses to “Vivian Vance roasts Lucille Ball”

  1. rowbyrowby says:


    Viv’s issues with Frawley are well known. I am only addressing your claim that Viv hated Lucy. Your statement that Lucy was a communist invalidates any so-called “personal” knowledge you claim to have about Viv’s true feelings about Lucy. I do not have a glitzy vew of Lucy. It is well known that she was a tough person to work with. She has tough on everyone including herself. The results of her toughness resulted in the ongoing popularity of “I Love Lucy” to this day.

  2. LilChuckyWoodenHead says:

    @rowbyrowby I am sorry to damage the Glitter Studded view you had of your hero, but the TRUTH will set you free. Bye the way…. Did you know William Frawley who played Viv’s husband on the show REFUSED to ever speak to her unless it was strickly work related ? On Viv’s first day on the set of I love Lucy she asked a producer who was going to play her husband. He told her William Frawley . Viv said, “That old fart could be my Grand Dad, Is that the BEST you could do ?….. Frawly heard her.

  3. rowbyrowby says:


    Sorry, LilCHuckyWOodenHea, your “own ears” story from Viv is as inaccurate as your claim that Lucy was a communist.

  4. LilChuckyWoodenHead says:

    @rowbyrowby …. I heard Viv with my own ears in 1979. Before Viv died she confesses to pretending to be Lucy’s Pal and REALLY hating her. Lucy was a vile and nasty woman. Her on set fights with Desi were well known in the Hollywood Click. By the way her voter registration card was on the website The Smoking Gun” for a long time and she filled out “COMMUNEST” as party affiliation. Now who am I to believe ?… J Edgar Hoover the transvesite homo OR… my own eyes ???… Chucky Knows STUFF !

  5. rowbyrowby says:


    What nonsense. You know nothing about Lucy or Vivian. I worked with Lucy writers Bob Carrol and Madelyn (Pugh) Davis, when I wrote on the “Alice” series. Bob and Madelyn produced “Alice” and they often shared their Lucy experiences. Lucy and Vivian were great friends. And of course anyone who knows the true biography of Lucille Ball knows she was cleared of the “Communist” charge by none other than J. Edgar Hoover. Get your facts right LilCHuckWOodenHea! …Rowby

  6. LilChuckyWoodenHead says:

    Did you know that Vivian HATED Lucy and pretended for years to be he buddy ? She had to do it to get the work…. There was a stipulation in Vivian’s contract that if Viv lost more than ten pounds from the time of the contract being signed she would be fired. Lucy needed to make sure Viv stayed “FRUMPY” so she would not out shine her……. ALSO Lucy listed herself on a voter registration as a Communest which indeed she was.

  7. inkredyble says:

    dang i didn’t know they had a “roast” back then…

  8. yogafan6500 says:

    Very nostalgic.

  9. Twinklestar104 says:

    Good old days when class and decorun mattered.

  10. meplusDavid says:

    awww i miss them..wish they were still alive today…i love lucy is the best tv show ever!!! =)

  11. jdlund says:

    @kay2be2, you’re 23 and you’re honestly THAT bothered by colorful language and sexual references? Good lord you’re uptight. The world doesn’t need to be kiddy proofed. There’s nothing wrong with sex jokes or use of “curse words” amongst adults. Besides, do you honestly think any of these people would be so restrained if it wasn’t for the fact that they HAD to censor themselves. For fuck sake you have Dean Martin up there. That guy was straight out filthy when he could be.

  12. Filmdude0 says:

    lol at 0:16 :)

  13. JordiekinsxxReal says:

    @uncoverbrother There are actually quite a few four-letter words.

  14. uncoverbrother says:

    wow, a funny roast without a four-letter word. who knew it was possible?

  15. jeffrey2177 says:

    yea it seemed way to short it must have been edited

  16. sheilaloves2shop says:

    I still love lucy! So lucky to have enjoyed her talents growing up she made me laugh till i cried, that kind of funny just doesn’t happen anymore, her and Carol Burnett are in a class by themselves..

  17. MERVskilton says:

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy LUCiLLE BALL born on this day (6th Aug) in 1911 ~ 1989 R.i.P & HERE’S LUCY:

  18. Crimsonite20 says:

    Viv got Lucille good

  19. fluffybunny41 says:

    @greg5566 Hahaha……..

  20. greg5566 says:

    @fluffybunny41 Ear-way in the oney-may!

  21. fluffybunny41 says:

    @greg5566 I know, what a great line up hey!! I would give anything to see that lot together again!!

    Did you see Lucy’s second husband Gary Morton at the table in one of the shots too? Its towards the end just before the last shot of Dean Martin.

  22. fluffybunny41 says:

    @greg5566 Yes, that’s the one, when Milton Berle stands up to give Vivian a standing ovation! The only reason I recognised Ginger in such a quick shot was that I had just viewed a clip of her and Lucy and Luci Arnaz dancing the Charleston on Here’s Lucy and she was quite old and had put on a fair bit of weight then, but still gorgeous nonetheless, those screen legends never “age”.

    Oh wow, I didn’t realise Ginger was singing in Pig Latin! So that’s what it was, I couldn’t work it out.

  23. greg5566 says:

    @fluffybunny41 The one next to Milton Berle? That’s amazing. I never would have recognized her; she got old! I just saw her in Gold Diggers of 1933 in Bryant Park last summer. That scene where she sings in pig latin is amazing and insane.

  24. fluffybunny41 says:

    @greg5566 that blonde at the end was Ginger Rogers too!!!

  25. MissLeigh78 says:

    @cracksoup Not every woman wants to have kids.

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