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Vivian Vance roasts Lucille Ball

Dean Martin Roast
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25 Responses to “Vivian Vance roasts Lucille Ball”

  1. DJSexLeopard says:

    @ClefDeDavid88 NOT REALLY! You would be surprised to know how rude and how much of a mean dirty old bitch vivian vance was. This was back when people “had class” on television. People were always as rude as they are now, you just see it more on tv.

  2. ThorneAstor says:

    @ahmad123987 @MaryMRevis This aired in 1976 as part of the “CBS Salutes Lucy: The First 25 Years”.

  3. MaryMRevis says:

    Just curious. I’ve heard the stories that William F. was rude and mean to Ms. Vance but do we know this to be true and factual?. Had Lucy or Vivian stated this themselves? Someone clarify for me please. Thanks!

  4. MaryMRevis says:

    @ahmad123987 I believe in 1979?

  5. ahmad123987 says:

    Did she die that year? What year was this filmed?

  6. Prizm2356 says:

    I love Vivian Vance

  7. nummzy123 says:

    @intothewoods4 Yeah …

  8. sweeney60 says:

    @intothewoods4 Not really, he was an ass to her, and got what he deserved. Right on Vivian

  9. intothewoods4 says:

    @sweeney60 This may sound cruel, but that is so-ooo Epic!

  10. sweeney60 says:

    @intothewoods4 When Will died, Vivian got the news at a restaurant and was so happy she ordered champagne for everyone.

  11. TinaB1990 says:

    @soccerguy325 Yes, she was just joking. The point of roasting someone is to make ill-mannered jokes but it’s all in good fun. From what I gather, they were really good friends and that’s what makes it even funnier and permissible, even. No one takes offence because they are just jokes, even if they are based on some truth.

  12. TheZeldagirl10 says:

    Ah…I love old TV shows, it’s funny when people ask me how my family and I survive with out television, I say it’s simple…I watch old TV shows, like I Love Lucy, (I have all the seasons) Full House, ETC. And things like that, not like the crap on TV now-a-days. :/ I mean really? Not everyone has to love NEW NEW everything, you don’t go along with something just because “Everyone else does it, or everyone else likes it!!” I don’t care, I LOVE LUCY FTW, ALWAYS. <3 :)

  13. intothewoods4 says:

    @nummzy123 Well William Frawley added a lot to the hatred ya’ know. He hated her just as much as she hated him, maybe more. He would constantly bring her down by calling her fat, ugly, a waste. But it really is too bad that they hated eachother, it showed slightly in their acting in “I Love Lucy”, but it was always fun when they would call eachother “Sweetie, Honeybunch, Sugar.” Names like that. But as I said, it really was too bad that they hated eachother.

  14. safarigurl150 says:

    vivian and lucille were friends but they had ups and downs – the downs being a power struggle: Lucille Ball was known for her “professionalism” and prefering risking personal relationships for the sake of a show. For one, she was the one who always forced Vivian to remain “plump” for the show. Vivian couldnt lose any weight – she hated the way she looked on the show – and that put tension btwn her and lucy. also, when vivian was late once, lucy supposedly used the F word!

  15. nummzy123 says:

    I can’t believe she hated William Frawley. Ever since I couldn’t watch I love Lucy the same :/

  16. Tudeburger says:

    Hard to watch this woman knowing all the undeserved animosity that she held for William Frawley. He was a wonderful actor and person and she hated him because she felt she deserved to work with a younger, better looking actor. Viv and Bill were offered a spin off show after I Love Lucy and She turned it down because she refused to work with him. He even had a bit part in The Lucy Show later on and Viv wouldnt be a part of it. Her actions toword him speak volumes. Don’t care for her as a person.

  17. soccerguy325 says:

    @dannybex I was wondering if she was just “joke” roasting her.

  18. soccerguy325 says:

    @dannybex yeah, I know, I actually heard about that. It’s quite terrible. But, you know, on the show, they were friends

  19. dannybex says:

    @soccerguy325 It’s a ROAST, but seriously, some of those ‘jokes’ were close to the truth. Vance was told to gain weight, was not allowed to look ‘too pretty’, as Ball was the star…so she may have held a few mild grudges, and probably deserved more pay.

  20. soccerguy325 says:

    I don’t mean to be stupid, but is she just joking about Lucille or not? Because those were some rather ill-mannered comments.

  21. geminirock19 says:

    @zamusicza Lucy with a LOVING cup on my head I hardly think anybody’ll be staring at your blue jeans!!

  22. KURISUCHRIS99 says:

    vivian vance is so talented,she would have been great in musicals

  23. ILoveLucyE68NY says:

    I Love Ethel !!!!

  24. zamusicza says:

    “I can’t go on the subway in my blue jeans!”

    my how times have changed. I know my ILL fans will get the quote.

  25. shaketilubreak says:

    Woooooow LOL X D

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