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Vivian Vance Receiving Emmy

Vivian Vance Receiving Emmy For Very best Supporting Actress For I Really like Lucy
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13 Responses to “Vivian Vance Receiving Emmy”

  1. TheHealthyAdvocate says:

    What did Vivian mean by referring to Lucille as “the greatest straight woman in show business”? I know it must mean the opposite of what I’m thinking, however many people laughed after the comment, making me wonder. Thanks!

  2. TheHealthyAdvocate says:

    The man presenting the award sounds like George Cooper from “My Favorite Husband”, in which Lucille Ball starred. Is it?

  3. waynebrasler says:

    Vivian had an awful time getting to where she got finally in show business. Desi Arnaz deserves the credit for realizing what she could do as Ethel Mertz and Lucille Ball deserves credit for making sure Vivian was a much the star of the show as she was. They made a magic team and they both realized how lucky they were to have found each other. I think Viv as the only person in the world who could talk back to Lucy and get away with it.

  4. jealousebone31 says:

    what great footage

  5. xPUNISHER84x says:

    This is epic!

  6. NFitalianGuy says:

    Vivian was so cute here. She really seemed like a great person and friend.

  7. D2L3TH4L1 says:

    This is a rare find

  8. calchick82 says:

    What an awesome clip. I like the way the Emmy Awards shows were done back then. More clips like these, please!!!

  9. Bonzy1969 says:

    anyone else notice how viv totally ignored frawley? he tried shaking her hand and everything. awww. I was really sad to have read that they didnt get along in rl

  10. LEIMALOCCA says:

    awww thats soooo cute!!!!!

  11. VintageTelevision863 says:

    Lucy seems more excited that Vivian <3

  12. ilovelucy1992 says:

    i love love love lucy and vivian!! and im so glad viv got some recognition here

  13. grapefruitguru says:

    I love, love Lucy so much, what an elegant and talented woman she was! And Vivian was so cute when accepting her award. Bravo!

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