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Vivian Vance (July 26, 1909-August 17, 1979)

mini tribute to Viv PeachToadstool4 Productions (TM)
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25 Responses to “Vivian Vance (July 26, 1909-August 17, 1979)”

  1. maleadmirer says:

    I want to say that Vivian Vance a great actress and comedienne. I’m glad Ms. Vance could give us great entertainment.

  2. HARON08 says:

    She passed away on my birth day…

  3. sarahconner11 says:

    Wow! Vivian was quite a beauty as well as bein funny o_^

  4. chantal0430 says:

    vivian vance 1909-1979 find grave cremated ashes sractted sea

  5. relii100 says:

    what hapen?

  6. Dolphindream15 says:

    she was a wonderfull singer too i loved listening to her sing

  7. primogennaio says:

    I was away on a trip in upstate NY and when I returned home from that weekend learned of her death. Being that “I Love Lucy” was a classic and I saw the episodes so many times, it was like losing a part of my past. She was very attractive, but was made to look dowdy for the part of Ethel.

  8. cheeriosinabowl says:

    We really knew very little about the real Vivian Vance.

    It would have been nice to have known more about this great actress. Viv has been gone now for 32 years. So sad.

  9. babino33 says:

    gosh this was a gorgeous picture of ethel… i mean vivian vance 0:20

  10. WSenator1 says:

    @jeveuxtevoir89 – . . .and a happy 60th birthday to “I Love Lucy” itself. For a show to be around that long, and still make people laugh, and laugh HARD, is a supreme blessing.

  11. MsCourtneybrown says:

    The best friend a girl could ask for. Never forgotten, R.I.P., Vivian. <3

  12. MaryMRevis says:

    A sweet classy Lady…willing to play the “tag along” to Lucy’s adventures *smile*. We love and miss you “Ethel Mae Mertz”

  13. vul43 says:

    i heard she was not very nice, that she ordered champagne for everyone when william frawley died.

  14. PaulB2Kool says:

    @sm9847 really how do you know that?

  15. sparklesintheair says:

    0:23 is the best

  16. califgirl11 says:

    VIv was very very funny on I Love Lucy…most of the “fixes” that Lucy got into, Viv was most likely right behind her, either pushing her into, or pulling her out of….She was a great actress, and from what I can see, she was a wonderful person…I know she had some hard times, married to a man that abused her..she would show up on the set with a black eye, and Lucy, would ask her..when are you going to divorce that SOB…she ended up happily married to someone else though….RIP Viv!

  17. JiuClaw22 says:

    @bigjim10011 lmao i can’t believe you said that hahaha

  18. bigjim10011 says:

    it’s a shame she never posed nude.

  19. TheMuse29 says:

    Lord she was a fine woman.

  20. Pectoris4 says:

    @djk3099 Absolutely untrue! In fact, Vivian was very comfortable in the financial area.

  21. bellaNYC says:

    very talented of the best ever. there culd never be another ‘ethel’. one love

  22. kimmieanne1 says:

    @sm9847 I have heard that that was just a rumor about her saying “champagne for everyone” and that they got along fine, that was from the producer of the show. They weren’t best friends and he was grouchy most of the time is why she didn’t want to do a show with him after “I Love Lucy”. I believe her name has been remembered.

  23. Sarasdad91 says:

    I love Viv and although she was very pretty, I still think that Lucill Ball was the most Beautiful actress in hollywood history, just before Yvonne Decarlo.

  24. sm9847 says:

    What was sad was she and William Frawley hated each other. When she was told Frawley had died, she yelled out, “Champagne for everybody!”

    That’s not classy…it’s sad. At least Frawley’s name was remembered…hers wasn’t.

    Check her name and trivia under

  25. HonRosie6 says:

    She was such of a pretty person!
    LOVED her in, “I Love Lucy”.

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