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Vivian Vance – I Am Lily Of The Valley

From “I Adore Lucy” episode “The Operetta”
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Vivian Vance – I Am Lily Of The Valley”

  1. sandycottonkandy says:


  2. mcfrdmn says:

    Excellent performance by the late Vivian Vance

  3. murbbie says:

    i love ethel!! she has such an amazing voice and is so hilarious!!

  4. 86Wadley says:

    Vivian Vance has a fantastic voice! This is one of my favorite “Ethel” scenes from all six season of “I Love Lucy.” I can’t say enough about it!

  5. weightfeather1 says:

    I believe she understudied Ethel Merman on Broadway. I’m not quite sure which show or shows. Maybe “Red Hot and Blue? Anyway, Merm had that big brassy voice and Vivian could certainly blow her own big trumpet when she had the occasion. Love this!

  6. njplr says:

    What a fun, marvelous, enlightening vignette. There was SO much more to Viv than Ethel Mertz. She simply OOZED talent, from her hair follicles to her toenails. Kudos to you for posting this – and may the world NEVER FORGET how special she was.

  7. wiccanlove1 says:

    Vivian Vance doesn’t get the credit she so rightly deserves. I HIGHLY recommend everyone read her biography called “The Other Side Of Ethel Mertz’….VERY informative!

  8. HerAkanE505 says:

    I Live!!!!

  9. cemeterydude says:

    I think what we see at 1:22 is probably the only real glimpse into the complexity of Vivian Vance on ILL – she was SO much more than Ethel Mertz! I love Vivian!

  10. emancera8 says:

    i loved viv and i will always

  11. 13WitchWay says:

    I loved Lucy but loved Vivian just as much,she was great.

  12. slickoboy04 says:

    I think I just peed a little, lol.

  13. lill2441 says:

    Love this show! Thank you for posting!

  14. BabyDillGerkin says:


  15. ferngullyful says:

    “When other girls go walking on their arm they have a swell beau, but whenever I go walking on my arm is just my elbow” LOL!

  16. ilovelucy1992 says:

    @HepburnFlicks omg samee!!! ive seen this episode a thousand times and still die laughing at that part!!

  17. TheHippiepenguin17 says:

    Do u have the whole episode you can post

  18. HepburnFlicks says:

    omg i died at 1:22 :D

  19. craig9843 says:


  20. tonybklyn says:

    Oh my damn, did she rock that shyt at 1:33 or what??

  21. east215 says:

    Viv had a great voice.

  22. eb8532 says:

    Now THATS a performance!! Pure comedy…I LOVE IT!!!

  23. xRockaJoJox says:

    LOL I couldn’t stop laughing when she goes all wild with her voice!

  24. Beautifulmusiclistnr says:

    I’ve always loved this episode, and this scene is certainly a favorite the way that Ethel starts out so sweet and innocent like and then she starts belting out the rest of the song. Just good stuff! When Lucy comes out in this episode and starts singing “I am the queen of the Gypsies”, that’s pretty funny also!

  25. MrJuan541 says:

    What a truly talented woman. An outstanding singer with a credible Broadway background in musical comedy. You didn’t get to be the great Ethel Merman’s understudy if you couldn’t cut the mustard vocally. This is my favorite moment from one of my most favorite episodes. Vivian Vance, just like the Merm: brass with class!

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