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Vega$ Season 3 Intro 1980-81 Robert Urich TV Show

Opening from the 3rd and final season of the Aaron Spelling ABC Television series “Vega$ “. Season 1 is now accessible on DVD from CBS/Paramount in two separate volumes. Please support these releases so that future volumes will continue. I want them all!
Video Rating: five / 5

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16 Responses to “Vega$ Season 3 Intro 1980-81 Robert Urich TV Show”

  1. condessadetavaredo says:

    Handsome Robert , I miss you. Adorable. I love you forever.

  2. supercreamysperm says:

    @darrylhaynes I wouldn’t mind being breast-fed by her.

  3. shmuli9 says:

    I used to think Robert urich was SO good-looking. Also Gil Gerard, who could have been in a programme playing robert’s slightly younger brother… I loved this show AND Spenser: For Hire, and for that matter Buck rogers in the 25th Century…

  4. midmodgal says:

    @MrCotten332 I’d do it but I’m not sure how. I have season one and half of season two, so many excellent scenes of lost Vegas. :(

  5. MrCotten332 says:

    Nothing but the intro and the closing credits for this show anywhere on YT.How about some scenes? thx

  6. Squab1972 says:

    RIP Tony Curtis and Robert Urich

  7. darrylhaynes says:

    phyllis davis had some big boobs

  8. spinout3 says:

    great the theme music

  9. stephenm6100 says:

    rip tony curtis

  10. spider9137 says:

    Ugh … That’s how I feel about New York City … it’s gets very disorienting as you approach Penn Station or Times Square in the evening … the big screen plasma tvs are everywhere, blasting advertisements at you. Looks more like the cityscape in BLADE RUNNER …

  11. midmodgal says:

    Fremont street is a real let-down now. A big-screen t.v. runs down the middle of it :(

  12. vegascollier says:

    I watched them film all the time here in Vega$. One of the few shows that was filmed entirely on location. Those were the good ‘ol days. This and Dallas had the best theme songs!!

  13. winguln says:

    Mitica serie tv.

  14. mistofoles says:

    Who’s the couple embracing right at the start?

  15. russwinkler says:

    I miss the late 70′s and 80′s. Thanks.

  16. Sarasdad91 says:

    God I love the theme to this show. I sure miss Robert Urich.

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