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Vaulting – Episode 9 Back to the Land of the Lost (1991) Part II

In this was 3 part summer special of Vaulting, we take a concluding look at the 1991 remake series of Sid and Marty Kroft’s remake of their own saturday morning cult classic. From pet dinosaurs to jungle girls, pakus to sleestaks. Here we take a look at some of the inhabitents of the Kroft’s strange world.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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12 Responses to “Vaulting – Episode 9 Back to the Land of the Lost (1991) Part II”

  1. LaDracul says:

    The film version of “Land of the Lost” was like “Planet of the Apes” with poop jokes. Take that for what you will.

  2. DanielLaux429 says:

    Dear Mr. Leger,

    When is the Filmbuff coming back? I really miss him. I’m asking you because you are his boss. If I’m correct, he disappeared after reading the Black Cauldron. Can you please find him?


  3. karabrice says:

    Season 2 wasn’t all bad. It gave us Cy, Opah, a look at Mrs. Porter, Christa’s past, and the new series’ first matrix table/mini-pylon. Even Shung’s spell-casting was interesting as it made him a bit more formidable. However, the latter part of the season was nothing but rehashed sitcom plots.

  4. Marinawinabambobina says:

    Idk ., I don’t think my prevous comment posted.. But speaking of bad ending’s I hAtE cast sways ending.. Freakin waste of movie time… The whole movie carried itself well untill the end when the man realizes the woman he kept in mind the whole time he was on the island.. Had moved on.. Totally sucked.. And now I’m angry cuz I don’t have 3-d glasses…. *sadface*

  5. mesozoicisland22 says:

    The movie was okay, but there wasn’t mush of an adventure. It was more of a comedy. Maybe there were plans to produce a third season, so the last episode of season 2 was rushed. I vaguely remember the series.

  6. Movie06 says:

    I never saw Land of the Lost in general. I never had an interest, I did had some curosity about the film but ultimately, I never saw it and it never gained.

    I was mostly now interested in The Hangover which I heard is more hilarious. But that’s just me, though the soundtrack has had me curious because of Dave Mustaine’s involvement.

  7. dragonheadthing says:

    The episode from the series that I remember the most is the one where the family finds a replica of the neighborhood they lived in while exploring the woods. I had many nightmares at the time from the whole furniture coming alive thing in the episode.

  8. nostaglia90s says:

    If you watch the extended version of the episode on the website, the background sound is less noisy.

  9. Hewylewis says:

    I have to admit, it was an…okay review. But then that damn construction team interfered.

  10. marvin8723 says:

    Hopefully Yes.

  11. nostaglia90s says:

    I thought the Land of the Lost movie was pretty good. It was enjoyable and Will Ferrell was suitably funny in the lead role. In fact, I actually enjoyed more than the new Harry Potter and Transformers movies.

    I have a pair of those multi-coloured 3D glasses as well as a pair of those glasses they give you at the movie theatres now. Will the latter work for that upcoming Vaulting (which incidentally comes out a day before my birthday, so sweet present right there)?

  12. Hewylewis says:

    That construction noise in the background is distracting. Sorry.

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