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Vanna White takes a shower

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25 Responses to “Vanna White takes a shower”

  1. deanw0rmer says:

    Wow they were so erect!

  2. jakep1979 says:

    ( ) R ( ) C T I O N

    well let see, I would like to buy a vowel an E, it shouldn;t be hard to solve it now.

  3. baozeng says:

    just make me want to suck those titty

  4. avalanchesuperstar says:

    I wish Vanna was one of the prizes on Wheel of Forune.

  5. Bestmanme08 says:

    @Bestmanme08 She’s one of the very sexiest women ever in history! Untoppable!

  6. Bestmanme08 says:

    It looks like very sexy Vanna!

  7. Domosuke says:

    Lol, is this the bonus round?

  8. Urisk2 says:

    She says “I’m cold” and check out her high beams. Who says Vanna can’t act?

  9. Urisk2 says:

    She says “I’m cold” and check out her high beams. Who says Vanna can’t act?

  10. Engage777 says:

    @Fartingbellybutton Goddamit…lol. (fail)

  11. Fartingbellybutton says:

    @Engage777 You mean Pat.

  12. skrilla88 says:

    Awesome side boob

  13. melosebrainuhoh says:

    Did anyone notice the midgets and gorillas to the left of the shower wearing ballet costumes and juggling live grenades?

    Admit it, even if it was there you wouldn’t have noticed.

  14. yessongs1 says:

    boobies!!!! damn! she has a nice pair!

  15. Engage777 says:

    I’d like to solve the pussy, Alex…

  16. fountainkeeper says:

    I want to buy a vowel real badly!!

  17. joemowog1 says:

    From the movie Gypsy Angels – never released to theaters, but straight to VHS. Hot nipples!

  18. Andy1Emcee says:

    Her breasts are amazing. She’s incredibly hot in this. You can, however, tell that she’s not completely naked; she has something around her waist. Still, good scene.

  19. pideja says:

    What’s the title?

  20. Jam91897 says:

    i see some sexy nipples.

  21. wilatemodel says:

    ..perfect specimen of the species

  22. revskull says:

    her shadow face clearly shows it’s her…gyah… perfect little titties…

  23. 83phatman says:

    0:40—–you can tell she’s wearing a pair of shorts or a towel.

  24. sweiland75 says:

    You could tell the water really was cold :)

  25. sledgehammer111 says:

    it’s her….she admitted doing the scene….besides, why would they use a body double for an unknown actress in a low low budget b movie?

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