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“Use Me” Victoria Jackson on Johnny Carson 1983

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25 Responses to ““Use Me” Victoria Jackson on Johnny Carson 1983”

  1. NolaChick82 says:

    Victoria is just mad now because she doesn’t look like this anymore.

  2. thafoofa says:

    @jroyals26 There’s that famous liberal tolerance.

  3. thafoofa says:

    @rickygervais1776 You’re a real woman hater, huh?

  4. jroyals26 says:

    Now she is being used by the Tea Party. Dumb bitch.

  5. rickygervais1776 says:

    Fucking CUNT

  6. theonlyone246 says:

    i dont mind useing the ladies room because i eat verginas. you have to wash them first.

  7. hammerogod says:

    Back in the day I really wanted someone to pick her up and throw her at my face crotch first.

  8. MrRedFredSaid says:

    wow. who is this talent-free ditz?

  9. BloatedLesbian says:

    Now the national debt is really at $2 quadrillion, its time for the TOP DOWN illuminati to put a president in who will make you think that they are going to change things for the better….a couple of small tweaks and then…ITS TIME TO PAY DOWN THAT DEBT. What is this called? SLAVERY! Good luck everyone!

  10. BloatedLesbian says:

    This song took place at a time when Victoria didn’t know that she was living in a TOP DOWN Freemasonic controlled, luciferian nation.

  11. quintessential37 says:

    @chanse117 If your irony is intentional, it is hilarious! If not, well…. I guess it’s still funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  12. chanse117 says:

    @quintessential37 Nobody mentioned any of those things except you.
    You’re one of those who actively ridicules all that makes you uncomfortable instead of actually investigating and perhaps finding a truth you don’t want to find. So much easier and safer.
    One can tell by the laundry list you created, i.e., beginning and ending your list with something outlandish and in-between putting genuine concerns that you want to discredit, that you enjoy being the voice of your thought Masters.

  13. quintessential37 says:

    @euro944t Let’s see
    Moon landing was a hoax?
    Kennedy was killed by the CIA?
    FDR knew about Pearl Harbor ahead of time?
    9/11 was an inside job?
    Jews run the world?
    The Illuminati run the world?
    Aliens have visited earth and abducted humans?
    The more ‘yes’ answers a person gives to the above the more patriotic they are?

  14. JhonathanFree says:

    What a freak.

  15. starscreamdkmo says:

    sad she lost her figure, taco go popular real fast and chilies mcdonalds thats why she near broke but now shes got jesus wtf

  16. SanguineBullet667 says:

    @euro944t Well she IS a neo-conservative, one of those types that support Israel only so they can bring about the end days as described in the Bible. some people are insane.

  17. euro944t says:

    Dumbass Carson tried to debunk Jim Garrisson on JFK, Johnny looked like a gatekeeper clown and his audience wasn’t laughing at the mockery and ad hominem personal attacks.

    Carson = FAIL as a Patriot

  18. euro944t says:

    She isn’t sour, she married a joo, she is a Zionist and ironically still can’t get work in joollywood.

  19. euro944t says:

    Says she wants Rush-Palin in 2012 on Hannity show.

    Israeli national owns Clear Channel who writes Rush’s fat check. Zionist Palin waves Israel’s flag in her office window during time of war which is treason, no treaty with Israel who is NOT NATO either, she wears Star of David necklace and Israels flag pins in 2011, she isn’t even in politics because she is a quiter and sell out to her home state.

  20. jeffreyswiderski says:

    You know she’s a fire Cracker in the bed room!!!

  21. kittyprydekissme says:

    @SanguineBullet667 Actually, she always was religious and Republican. Even when she was on Saturday Night Live.

  22. jerico641 says:

    Okaaaay; well, I can live with whatever liberals look like, as long as we keep working toward a better life for all citizens.

  23. maskedavenger777 says:

    @SanguineBullet667 It doesn’t really matter to me now. The points are out the window. I liked her comedy act, and DC politicians have sucked hard since JFK died. As Bill Hicks said they probably show every candidate a video of the assassination from an angle never seen before by the public. I think she’s was very funny in her day. I do not know any female talent today that can play a musical instrument and do gymnastics. She had a fluid style few have today.

  24. SanguineBullet667 says:

    @fumetti she’s not a comedian at all. she openly admits that all of her material was written for her. she was just a pretty face (now turned sour)

  25. fumetti says:

    @SanguineBullet667 she sure did better than you….on a legendary show like Saturday Night Live is not for shitty comedians.

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