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Uptown Downstairs Abbey Component 1 – Red Nose Day 2011 – BBC Comic Relief Night

Donate and download exclusive content and leading sketches at A host of stars, such as Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Harry Enfield and Victoria Wood join forces for a period-drama-themed spoof for Red Nose Day.

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25 Responses to “Uptown Downstairs Abbey Component 1 – Red Nose Day 2011 – BBC Comic Relief Night”

  1. AlchemicGnosis says:

    They needed to finish it off with ‘self-made’, and have Enfield’s Loadsamoney character representing the label.

  2. bitchee says:

    Just a little gloss

  3. laugh808 says:

    ohemgee this is so funny!

  4. henrycaville says:

    dale looking more orange than ever

  5. ilyverymuchly says:

    I like Downton Abbey way more than Upstairs Downstairs… but I guess it’s just a matter of opinion.

  6. xoamrc says:

    Who plays Sybil?

  7. TheReborndiva says:

    Oh crap…I think I woke everyone up ’cause I was laughing too loud! When they went intro’d the maids, I couldn’t help it! Too funny! :D

  8. ImDaPwincess says:

    Victoria Wood, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, My heros! <3 x

  9. 6A8G says:

    “A good servant retains a sense of Pride & Prejudice at all times”
    Like it:)

  10. mooneepondskid says:

    I would love to see Kim Cattrall in the real Elizabeth McGoverns sister..haha.

  11. nighthawk006phoenix says:

    Hee hee, awesome!

  12. brightonking69 says:

    Both this parody and the original series are both something special. However, what ruins this parody are the constant behind the scenes commentaries. People really dont need to know how ‘marvellous’ simon callow is or how the show is made. This was a big mistake French and Saunders used to make which put me off them in the end… Just stick to the parodies and edit in some of the studio audience laughing… (last part optional)

  13. Philiemeister says:

    lollol 2:34

  14. zenoforf says:

    I’m crying, I’m laughing so hard! “Just a little gloss” XD

  15. alicetheactress says:

    how is it jennifer saunders can perfectly imitate ANYONE she choses?

  16. sydneysmooth21 says:

    It’s PATSY STONE!!!!

  17. farquwit says:

    Very very very clever! I had my husband come into the room wondering why I was laughing so much as well!

  18. Vampyria76 says:

    I must say…I loooove Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley French Dawn and the whole comic strip gang, thanx for making my life funny and worth living, I LOVE BRITT COMEDY and before I die I would like to see a statue of You All, from the most famous scenes ( ex. Ab Fab and Wickar of Wibley , The Young Ones and so on) in London, Picadilly Circus ! //From a Swedish fan… Thanx !!!

  19. AmyOGeeezus says:

    Bahaahahahaha Jennifer Saunders as Maggie Smith, what more could you possibly want from life?
    LOL at 6:07 – 6:09

  20. maroonkobrakai says:

    I love that they managed to parody the ‘behind-the-scenes’ bits as well

    … “You can’t speak now, the music has started!”

  21. Ravenya03 says:

    “Thomas… the evil footman.” HA!

  22. belieflovetrust says:

    this is sooooooooooo funny!

  23. TheMegoCoolMego says:

    “Everyone done all their looks?”
    LOL as much as I adore Downton Abbey, this is so true!

  24. TheMegoCoolMego says:

    “Just a little gloss” <3 Joanna XD

  25. UKUSAEU says:

    thumbs up if you LMFAO at 6:15

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