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Unedited version of Sanford and Son

Some material from Sanford and Son is now considered too controversial to air on network television and is routinely edited in syndication, specifically, derogatory racial references.
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25 Responses to “Unedited version of Sanford and Son”

  1. wikkid61 says:

    FRED RULED! He said with feeling because he LIVED it all his life.

  2. WasteTime4Passwords says:

    Yeah they said it in sitcoms and in some movies, and let it go on TV, back in the 70s.

  3. meandemjay says:

    hahaaaa…this was SO not unedited! this is the way it originally aired back in ’73-’74! he and George Jefferson and even James Evans said it quite a bit! LMAO!!!!! hella funny

  4. 99boyz says:

    @godsun5 lol So i Bet your in the 7th grade Chipmunk

  5. godsun5 says:

    @99boyz oh well got marry your sister then Jeff

  6. seehound619 says:

    @99boyz lols were had.

  7. fidfel1062 says:

    @Thet3 I totaly understand . god gave us the gift of site to enjoy his creations and his deversity
    But we should not have to wait till were dead for strangers to walk up to us and say hello or lock their car doors when we walk by.

  8. Thet3 says:

    @fidfel1062 Yeah I am black! When I die I won’t be black anymore & you won’t be Spanish& there will be no whites.. really makes no difference what color anyone is..

  9. drive682 says:

    Look at all these niggers n here

  10. 99boyz says:

    @godsun5 who cares how its spelt i DONT!!

  11. godsun5 says:

    @99boyz Damn man you’re poor ignorant bastard. Hey it’s spelled “break” not brake as in a car.
    Your sterile right because people like you should not reproduce.

  12. JohnLawrenceCobraKai says:

    @arhuxtable He said nigger.

  13. 1000pjcampbell says:

    Redd fox was the best .

  14. 99boyz says:

    because blacks brake more laws then whites Fred

  15. EJ25RUN says:

    Im white, but i’ve been watching S&S since i was 8. Redd is just so much funnier than all of todays comedians.

  16. JackFlanders says:

    @arhuxtable you got that wrong. Richards was pissed off (justifiably) at some black folks talking during his routine. Usually during these times the comedian would direct a few jokes/barbs at the chatty individuals in order to get a laugh from the audience which, generally speaking, gets those clowns to shut up. Richards sounded angry and looked pissed off and nothing he said was funny to the audience. That is why he got in trouble. He did not handle it appropriately.

  17. stringerboi says:

    LOL! Funny shit dude- they need to bring back classics like this.

  18. Antweezysx says:

    @Beatleboy1968 next to martin

  19. madleyhadley says:

    Redd LOVED Bird & Macdonald also known as the Dukes Of Disgusting. See him open the show he hosted for them on “The World’s Dirtiest Song” video on YouTube and get all their songs at iTunes and .

  20. rtp1968 says:

    @a1vocalcoachdotcom :Opps…..that’s NIGGAS!!!

  21. westongreene8 says:

    always fucking crying..about how bad the black man has it shut the fuck up some white ppl have it just as bad er time the police see me i get locked up so stop ya bitchin..whitey

  22. arhuxtable says:

    Someone here said that we need more people like the eternally absent Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor. We do have people like that. Chris Rock,Dave Chapelle and rappers Tyrese Gibson and Snoop Dogg,who are actors as well.

  23. arhuxtable says:

    Actually,Redd Foxx said “niggas”. “Nigga”,is the friendly,more acceptable slang version of the racial slur. Only prejudiced people would use such slurs. My late maternal grandfather was like that. he called the late Sammy Davis Jr. “one-eyed n-word”. You hear black guys saying “nigga” to each other all the time meaning “buddy” or “dude”.

  24. Beatleboy1968 says:


  25. jeffgd01 says:

    fucking hilarious!

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