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UK Loved ones Fortunes “Turkey” episode

Guy gives turkey for 3 answers since he heard someone from the other team say it as an answer, but didn’t know which question it went to

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25 Responses to “UK Loved ones Fortunes “Turkey” episode”

  1. SAIL4323 says:

    @resdsox1 You know, you might have a barbecue at a beach, and you can grill turkey.

  2. LisaJJMerry says:

    @MrGBH I hope you know what you’re typing about because nobody else does.

  3. chestikov2011 says:

    Q Something rhat smackheads do when they run out of gear
    A Turkey ☭

  4. ulongkoror says:


    they are home to muslims

  5. oasis4ever92 says:


  6. danman274 says:

    @ulongkoror turkey isn’t known for terrorism o.O

  7. MrGBH says:

    @LisaJJMerry That would just waste time in the bonus round. The buzzer would go off and he would have to give a different answer.

  8. XSunacX says:

    4.-country in europe

  9. AEMoreira81 says:

    A word to describe this man’s figure—TURKEY!

  10. LisaJJMerry says:

    The real reason he does this is because he heard one of the answers of that last contestant – so he knew ONE of the answers was going to be turkey but didn’t know which.

  11. Tips247 says:

    @SilverSword522 turkey is actually eastern europe

  12. 1000xHaHaHa says:

    And if you get 200 points, you win… a turkey!

  13. sarahyehudit says:

    Q: Name a country that begins with the letter “T”?

    A: Turkey!

  14. JB17Wagna says:

    okay i’m going to the beach! DON’T FORGET TO BRING ME MY TURKEY!

  15. SierraStrawberry51 says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing!!!

  16. gshowguy says:

    A word that describes Patrice Wilson and Ark Music Factory?


    A word to describe Irate Gamer’s videos?


    Sorry, couldn’t resist. :-)

    This so needs to be an Internet meme, with how much popularity it got from Family Fortunes.

  17. myrtlebox says:

    @offrampt I had seen this clip before and thought it was hilarious. But I think you are absolutely right. Blue suit whispered ‘Turkey’ to him and he couldn’t get it out of his head. Serves them right for trying to cheat!

  18. eltimido503 says:

    I want to know what the other questions were and what he answered.

  19. LatteBoy123 says:

    Q: Name a nation located in the Middle East.
    A: Turkey

    Q: A word that describes a bad film.
    A: Turkey

  20. goldheartbadge says:

    Name an Asian country that competes in the Eurovision Song Contest.


  21. Attila709 says:

    Lucky guy, the beach where I live doesn’t allow Turkey.

  22. offrampt says:

    @Xenctuary Baldie says that he had a hard time in his local pub after this. The barman would say What are you having and everyone would shout out TURKEY!!

  23. offrampt says:

    As he cane baCK FROM THE SOUNDPROOF BOOTH Mr Angry in the blue suit whispered TURKEY to him – which was stupid because they already had the top answer for Q3. When BALDIE kept OCDing the answer Turkey, Blue Suit got REALLY angry.

  24. ChicagoCubs1060 says:

    Name something people take with them to the beach…. turkey.

  25. ChicagoCubs1060 says:

    THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN!! I HAVE LOVED THIS CLIP EVER SINCE I SAW IT A FEW YEARS AGO!!! I just love how the guys says turkey lol and look at his family, they look like they just want to kill him hahahaha. this is priceless

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