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Typical Father

Betty is falling hard for a new guy, and it upsets her father. Jim becomes convinced that Betty is exhibiting all the “recognizable symptoms” of someone who is about to elope.
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25 Responses to “Typical Father”

  1. Midnightryder7 says:

    I use to watch this when i was a kid..Now that I’m looking at this with adult eyes..the father seems to be High strung..almost manic depressive

  2. Janadu says:

    I love this show. Will you be posting more episodes?

  3. etbella3 says:

    @etbella3 Small steps. Try an Amish community first. The FBI really liked the Amish in that movie Witness.

  4. etbella3 says:

    @SpankbankINC Careful. You are on your way to joining Al Qaeda.

  5. katleeya says:

    thanks shoutfactory! could you please please pretty please upload more “father knows best”?

  6. sexymamasexy says:

    Loved it.

  7. jayantasodekar says:

  8. nero91 says:

    Funny to see how little sitcoms changed.

    Except for sex jokes.

  9. SpankbankINC says:

    Look at that. A girl not wearing a skirt up to her loose genitals. Not showing any boobs. Not acting like a porn queen in heat. Lamentations for the lost society or paradise we once had. And a wife who doesn’t want to play man and nag until she gets her way.

  10. SpankbankINC says:

    @elzoog Thats not true. I did a study on this. The 60′s did spike and 70 stablized but record highs. Then in 80′s down a bit 90′s a bit, but still insanely high. Liberals destroyed the Blacks they “saved”. Blacks had stable homes in this time period. Also they were starting to get ahead. Then crack and welfare came along and they been blaming whites every since and voting democrat, all the while becoming their own worst enemy.

  11. 313pookie313 says:

    I dislike the idea of you putting in a commercial in the middle of a program! Put them in the beginning if you must, but certainly not in the middle of a scene!

  12. ToxicOdiousOne says:

    I love old shows. Only white casts with no niggers or uppitty cunts. Women who are subservient to man’s will. Thry knew their place.

  13. skippiperke20000 says:

    Why did he bring the paint brush to the chapel with him?

    Why would Armond ask permission to elope with Betty? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of eloping?

    Why would an airplane try to land on an airstrip with one visible light?

  14. skippiperke20000 says:

    What the fuck is with Jim Jr?

  15. imsleepyanddead says:

    @robcorral777 Move to iran! If you do not like the changing times in america maybe you can move there where they do all that’s necessary to stop the western cultural invasion

  16. ToxicOdiousOne says:

    Well I know that communists are terrorists. They seek to overthrow the republic with unelected posts and backroom deals with rich corporations. Corporate wealth and influence is all that matters. The 50s had no civil rights nonsence and progressivist cancer had not yet metasicized and turned terminal.

  17. elzoog says:


    No times weren’t better then (maybe times were better in TV fantasy land). In the 1950s you had problems with racism, fear of nuclear war, and abusive families. If you look at the FBI statistics on crime rates, the 1950s were better than the 60s or 70s, but about the same as today. You also had people’s livelihoods ruined merely because people thought they might be communists (i.e. the red scare).

  18. lovevilly says:

    Thanks to the Young and the Restless referencing this show in their story this week, I’m here watching this show for the first time and I’m loving it.

  19. kingmaxim187 says:

    im stoned again and now i watch this bullshit and it seems quite entertaining to me…..

  20. TheJetfighter666 says:


  21. ToxicOdiousOne says:

    Sexist? So what? Men were men and women were women. Their roles didn’t mix. There was no anarchy, no confusion, and no homosexual activism. Times were better. Expectations were clear.

  22. sqdad says:

    love the video HATE THE ADVERTS.

  23. scotcia says:

    dont want to listen to any more adverts

  24. TheGoalSetter says:

    People claim this is a sexist show. But the women are presented as intellectually superior. The wife clearly runs nearly every aspect of the house. The title Father Knows Best is a sarcastic title. If anything, it emasculates men.

    BTW: Look at dad’s horribly fitting initial jacket. And Bud’s monster sandwich. Hilarious.

    Jeez, Betty is poking at 8:22 . Armon’s car is cool. Jane Wyatt is smart, wise, gorgeous, and loving…perfect!

    FTW: Lead poisoning!

  25. cooldweave02 says:

    Bud said he thinks he was getting lead poisoning.

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