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Typical Father

Betty is falling hard for a new guy, and it upsets her father. Jim becomes convinced that Betty is exhibiting all the “recognizable symptoms” of an individual who is about to elope.

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25 Responses to “Typical Father”

  1. charlesthepoet2004 says:

    charles h. miranda OR:

  2. buzzclick500 says:

    @tuggerbud : Actually, the liberals didn’t take over, we just let them think they did, to see how far they’d go.

  3. buzzclick500 says:

    @daisydooo57 : I thought it was a joke because he replaced the bulb with a super-bright bulb, and airplanes were using it to navigate by.

  4. KittyKattyYukiLvr says:

    Lead Poisoning from Paint lol!

  5. KittyKattyYukiLvr says:

    Im sorry but I am Betty’s age and she is sooooo annoying.

  6. tuggerbud says:

    Those were the good old days – before the liberals took over.

  7. daisydooo57 says:

    24:16 “jim, the porch light!” am i being retarded or did they turn it off so that army bombing planes couldnt see it from above??!?

  8. buffycharmedangel102 says:

    this isn’t “Typical”…”neurotic” maybe, but not “Typical” lol

  9. SusanBaudelaire says:

    The little girl in this seems to be the smartest of the three kids.

  10. lookatdoor says:

    He’s just like Regina George’s mom. “I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom.”

  11. Coupal1 says:

    I love this show!

  12. Midnightryder7 says:

    I use to watch this when i was a kid..Now that I’m looking at this with adult eyes..the father seems to be High strung..almost manic depressive

  13. Janadu says:

    I love this show. Will you be posting more episodes?

  14. etbella3 says:

    @etbella3 Small steps. Try an Amish community first. The FBI really liked the Amish in that movie Witness.

  15. etbella3 says:

    @SpankbankINC Careful. You are on your way to joining Al Qaeda.

  16. katleeya says:

    thanks shoutfactory! could you please please pretty please upload more “father knows best”?

  17. sexymamasexy says:

    Loved it.

  18. jayantasodekar says:

  19. nero91 says:

    Funny to see how little sitcoms changed.

    Except for sex jokes.

  20. SpankbankINC says:

    Look at that. A girl not wearing a skirt up to her loose genitals. Not showing any boobs. Not acting like a porn queen in heat. Lamentations for the lost society or paradise we once had. And a wife who doesn’t want to play man and nag until she gets her way.

  21. SpankbankINC says:

    @elzoog Thats not true. I did a study on this. The 60′s did spike and 70 stablized but record highs. Then in 80′s down a bit 90′s a bit, but still insanely high. Liberals destroyed the Blacks they “saved”. Blacks had stable homes in this time period. Also they were starting to get ahead. Then crack and welfare came along and they been blaming whites every since and voting democrat, all the while becoming their own worst enemy.

  22. 313pookie313 says:

    I dislike the idea of you putting in a commercial in the middle of a program! Put them in the beginning if you must, but certainly not in the middle of a scene!

  23. ToxicOdiousOne says:

    I love old shows. Only white casts with no niggers or uppitty cunts. Women who are subservient to man’s will. Thry knew their place.

  24. skippiperke20000 says:

    Why did he bring the paint brush to the chapel with him?

    Why would Armond ask permission to elope with Betty? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of eloping?

    Why would an airplane try to land on an airstrip with one visible light?

  25. skippiperke20000 says:

    What the fuck is with Jim Jr?

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