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Twilight Zone Intro (1985)

Series Intro
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Twilight Zone Intro (1985)”

  1. Calatafimi says:

    The most fascinating theme ever !

  2. Vecta says:

    @Abvance One of my favorites: “Kentucky Rye”. Or “Shatterday” with Bruce Willis.

  3. NovemberFrog says:

    Used to love the creepy intro when I was a kid.

  4. DraculaCronqvist says:

    By far the scariest Twilight Zone and the most intellectual.

  5. Gridseeker says:

    The only good thing of this show was the intro, in particular between 00:29 and 00:30.

  6. happydragonpics says:

    Aren’t they stretching the truth by saying Rod Serling created THIS Twilight Zone?

  7. megloman1975 says:

    At :28, still sends a shiver down my spine.

  8. holmsatlarge says:

    @WackdProductions Yes it was a nice tribute to him. Subtle like he was!

  9. DAZing23 says:

    I honestly like this intro the best. Too bad the episodes could never live up to it.

  10. oscarphile says:

    Jerry Garcia’s, actually, played by the Grateful Dead.

  11. Abvance says:

    Recommend me some good episodes.

  12. newphx says:

    @tall32guy I boldly accept your challenge!! But I must say in advance, I don’t think it holds up!!

  13. tall32guy says:

    @newphx I challenge you to view the opener from Season 1 of the original series and tell me it’s not all of those things, TWICE over! I am betting you won’t! :)

  14. tall32guy says:

    @emmaexplosions I VERY much agree! No remake of it will ever be able to touch the “shady” feel of the original in B&W. It can’t be matched, because it was done by the masters, Serling in particular. :)

  15. tall32guy says:

    @TheBrutalDrummer Depends on who you are. To me, the openings from the original gives me the chills WAY more than this does.

  16. cawimmer430 says:

    This used to scare the shit out of me as a kid. STILL DOES.

  17. sonicwingmode2 says:

    the Scary Door

  18. caviper1 says:

    This piece is Jerry Goldsmith┬┤s or Bernard Herrmann┬┤s?

  19. caviper1 says:

    @newphx – you said it, no more to say.

  20. newphx says:

    Beautiful, strange, foreboding and unnerving– all in one 50 second Open. Now THAT’s talent.

  21. MrDoctorx67 says:

    They don’t make intros like this anymore because there is no Grateful Dead

  22. TibsisTops says:

    this gives me the willies every freakin time!

  23. Gmancrap says:

    Perhaps, but you gotta support underground and indie film makers. Our generation film makers have just started, who knows what things will be like in 20 or so years.

  24. samiscool86 says:

    There are no good horror or sci-fi shows on anymore. It’s honestly sad that our generation accepts crap shows and doesn’t yurn for something of higher value like this.

  25. UACbase2145 says:

    it seems to me, i think the people in the industry today can’t create scary themes or imagine or compose music like this.

    conclusion: today shows = CRAP.

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