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TV Westerns

samples of TV Westerns from the 50′s
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  1. WOWJBEOWULF says:

    Virginia City enjoying the silver load, there is so much silver, the banks of San Francisco are stacking silver bars in the bank windows; so much silver a new special rail line has been built to the mines: Bonanza, witnessed by Lorne Greene.

  2. WOWJBEOWULF says:

    Have Gun Will Travel: Wire Paladin, San Francisco. A good western.

  3. WOWJBEOWULF says:

    Those old American Westerns of the 1950s were something else. The writers out of the 1920s education and new Hollywood studio lots. Some of Hollywood was there around 1910, but in the 1920s is when we see it bloom with the big studio buildings, the original studio lots would look like frontier towns. Those people of the turn of the century taught, educated, and funded the 1950s westerns: Good American stuff.

  4. wgr88 says:

    You know your over the Hill when you can remember all these westerns and i do.

  5. SuperSmokeyBear says:


  6. JeremyS1959 says:

    Mistyped meant Bat Masterton

  7. JeremyS1959 says:

    As far as I remember we didn’t get Paladin in England. Must buy the DVDs. Gene Roddenberry wrote some of the episodes. We also missed out on Bat Basterton (played by Gene Barry).

  8. charliekucharski says:

    Sugarfoot, Sugarfoot, easy lopin’ sadde ropin’ Sugarfoot………. okay, that’s all the words I remember. Thanks for posting.

  9. ShainaBarr says:

    I totally love the TV series ” Cheyenne”. It is soo good. I love it! Plus “Who knew that Clint Walker could sing?” I sure didn’t know that. He sure can sing really great!

  10. musik102 says:

    It’s funny what sticks in the mind. I remember an episode of Wagon Train with guest star Jock ( The Range Rider) Mahoney as a boxer with “the fastest fist in the west”. Great stuff!

  11. gardee37 says:

    I love this, Paladin takes me back oh, how our country was something so much better then before the hateful left seized power!

  12. yaesu840 says:

    What? No “Gunsmoke” the most iconic western of them all, and the longest running. It went for 19 years on CBS TV and was on radio in the 1950′s.

  13. melollylolly says:

    tv today is indeed a wasteland-no wonder kids are so dumb now–america and entertainment has indeed dumbed down–pathetic greedy idiots concerned only with profits and not quality- are running the airwaves-they won’t listen to us ordinary folk

  14. StormyValance says:

    A treat. Thanks hbwilling

  15. Rikki0 says:

    I wish someone would post the Sugarfoot theme. It’s one of my favorites. But great video anyway. First time I’ve ever heard the entire Paladin theme. Thanks kindly.

  16. melollylolly says:

    to Bearstar1: i was raised on all the 50s tv westerns–and i also wish they would bring them back–put them on TVland or something-I HATE ANDY GRIFFITH-and-i am sick of gay ass tv nowadays–who the hell wants to see gay ass guys swishing around their asses on American idol–and kids today are indeed wussies and BRAIN DEAD–give me PALADIN and CHEYNNE ANYDAY!

  17. actionsub says:

    William Conrad was pretty fat, too. That’s why we remember James Arness as Matt Dillon. Conrad played Marshal Dillon on the radio, but he was too fat for a TV western. At least William Conrad had a pleasant voice and manner, unlike Roseanne’s nasal, “I’m always right” hollering all the time.

  18. musictodiefor says:

    WHERE was the longest running western of all time? In fact the longest running drama of all time….GUNSMOKE?

  19. TCall2004 says:

    Thank heaven for DVD players. All this stuff is coming out on DVD.

  20. TCall2004 says:

    You got that right.

    However, is it necessary for the poster below to make sexist comments? I mean would he call a man “fat”?

  21. fjbutch says:

    You hit the nail on the head there mate…bring back all the oldies …..

  22. Earthling0909 says:

    Watched and loved every one of these as a kid. Many of them still look good today, like Rawhide, The Rifleman and Have Gun will Travel. Now all we have are fools humiliating themselves on dumbass reality shows.

  23. BearStar1 says:

    Oh, quite contraire ! Now it’s that Fat disgusting Roseann Barr 24/7 !!! They ought to just rename the damn channel to Roseann TV. I can’t stand that irritating fat ugly bitch ! God, I HATE HER AND THAT STUPID PATHETIC SHOW !!!

  24. blueyedKSGirl says:

    I agree with Bear. I’ll take the westerns any time. That was TV at its finest. I thought when they put the series Magnificent Seven on TV, it would start a new era of westerns. Not !!! I loved the show, especially Michael Biehn. *sigh* Thanks to all who put those western themes on here. You Rock

  25. Lynchisback2K8 says:

    People gather round and witness the Highway Man, check out my video!:D

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