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Tv Theme Steptoe & Son (Old Ned)

Classic 1960s British comedy
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25 Responses to “Tv Theme Steptoe & Son (Old Ned)”

  1. LargeLeader says:

    Cockney walkabout, anyone?

  2. Mr3sheds says:

    Classic TV theme “Old Ned” by Ron Grainer, not specifically composed for Steptoe and Son. Grainer was approached to write the theme music but already had this as a piece of library music. First released on Pye 45 7N 15411 c/w “Happy Joe” the theme music to Comedy Playhouse where Steptoe and Son first appeared in 1962.

  3. gamewizard says:


    What? So Britain has the monopoly on sexy blond haired women now? That will come as news to the Swedes. And how is Britney Spears in any way a copy of Billie Piper? If anything, Billy Piper is a copy of Fergie from Black Eyed Peas. Oh, and I also suppose that Law & Order UK is original, eh?

  4. Stemax1960 says:


  5. MrLawman10 says:

    i always want to walk with bandy legs when i hear this.

  6. manicmacintosh says:

    Well you’re clearly a complete fuckwit.

  7. manicmacintosh says:

    @pinkfairygirl86 Well you’re clearly a complete fuckwit.

  8. TylerLav118118 says:

    I’m gonna play this everytime the girl in my year the large tits walk by when her funbags are bouncing like baloons!!!!

  9. gossamery says:

    @MrDoncos Arsenal stole it from QPR

  10. Sean0fenton says:

    I actually have a rag and bone man that drives around my area collecting scrap and stuff almost every morning and recently he has started playing this them tune while on his rounds.

  11. MrDavidfball says:

    or if you liked shooting stars you could have a cockney walkabout lol

  12. SuperNevile says:

    @Wilthomer66 And “Blackberry Way” by The Move

  13. missBOKAY says:

    no the name of the song by any chance??

  14. Wilthomer66 says:

    “Interstellar Overdrive”

  15. jameskoolkat says:

    Redd was born John Elroy Sanford, in 1922. He ran away from home to join a street band, when he was 13. He went to New York after that, to get in to show business – and supported himself by washing dishes, while carving himself a place in the biz. He got his nickname from his hair color, and light skinnedness.
    He really hit the big time in 1972, when he was cast in the American version of the successful British sitcom, Steptoe and Son, renamed for the USA, Sanford and Son, after his birthname

  16. OasisShmoasis says:

    Playing this at a nightclub guarantees to clear the floor. Try it. It’s fun.

  17. DariusBlue says:

    @MrDoncos with Wenger and Fabregas in the title roles, of course!

  18. MrDoncos says:

    Arsenal football club will be coming out to this for the now season

  19. thekroton says:

    Fantastic series!it’s amazing how good the clip is
    with no sound.

  20. RamBam3000 says:

    Steptoe and Son as a silent! Genius!

    (But needs subtitles)

  21. doktorsawade says:

    @pinkfairygirl86 did diana dors really precede monroe? blimey…

  22. Tec662 says:

    Absolutely spiffing. Splendid work there chaps. Lol

  23. princessjodii says:

    @VidVillan OMG! I spat out my cheerios when i read your comment! Haha! I imagine the song in my head when my grandma & grandad are in the garden! :D

  24. Heavymetalpunker92x says:

    its a norwegian and a swedish version of this show too

  25. pinkfairygirl86 says:

    I don’t understand why the yanks always have to copy us brits. We do it all first then they come along copy us and everyone thinks they are original. Diana Dors so then they had Marilyn Monroe. Steptoe and Son and then they made Sanford and Son. The Beatles and then they had The Monkey’s. Billie Piper then they came up with Britney Spears. The Office so they made The Office US. Oh and another thing America hasn’t come up with a great comedy since the 1960′s IMO.

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