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Tv Theme Peyton Place

Tv Theme Peyton Place

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  1. blkchk says:

    I used to watch this!

  2. BearyHairy says:

    Peyton Place (Gilmanton, New Hampshire). GraceMetalious ripped the lid off of the stench-filled community; & they despised her for it. Instead of appreciating the fact that she let some fresh air into the staid, puritanical caldron; the reaction was torrid shunning. How anal can one town be? I’ve interviewed folks there, (who referred to Grace as “Gracie” in an affectionate tone); who quietly seemed happy she wrote what she did.She is buried in Gilmanton Iron Works, Smith Meeting House Cemetery

  3. Ulitawo says:

    Beautiful “jazzy / swing” version of the Waxman composition. Does anyone know where I can get an LP or CD album, of this version?

    I have the soundtrack but I do not have this TV version as done by Lionel Newman.

  4. MrMotownmanny says:

    The lighting was very bad. OK so it was an old TV show from 1965 in black and white.

  5. marmas58ink says:

    I watched these old episodes when they re-aired on USA network back in the mid-90s. The bl/wh images are from the early days but the music is different. A much different version… credits say Franz Waxman… but the original was mostly violins and woodwinds… it certainly wasn’t in stereo. -This music does sound 1960s… wonder where it came from? Could be wrong but don’t think it was ever used as the closing to the original tv series.

  6. britfrenir says:

    @britfrenir I saw that even this was from Twentith Century Fox but with out the logo.

  7. britfrenir says:

    I saw that the closing credits were different on an episode and it had Twentieth Century Fox at the end. It lookeed to be a western.

  8. ruudjemulder says:

    Good old days !!!

    Ruud Mulder

  9. wagermart says:

    Do you know where I can find the trailer where Ryan O’Neal rides a motorcycle? I believe I have that motorcycle!

  10. RJRanke says:

    This was undoutedly from the first season(1964-65)of Peyton Place,when it was the biggest hit for ABC…and the first prime-time soap opera-type series-paving the way for many more.(My mother predicted that the next Peyton Place-type series would be in Connecticut.Turned out it was in Texas.Chuckle!)

  11. mrdee11091 says:

    awonderfull theme from yesterdays tv

  12. premierelitedrums says:

    Another great post.
    Certainly a very young Ryan o’neal in this.
    Was this 64?

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