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Tv Theme High Chaparral

Television Theme High Chaparral

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  1. RomneyGack says:

    @Sauron191 I see online that there is a High Chaparral Reunion and some of her art will be auctioned. Just look it up. Good luck!

  2. Sauron191 says:

    Is it possible to get copies of the artwork by Patty Schantz?? Just LOVE IT ALL!! There is one piece missing from all the into and end credit posts thought. I’m 100% adiment that in the end credits there was artwork of a Mexican couple dancing Flamenco next to a gypsy caravan or something … The image would have been in a dirty pink colour .. I remember as a child waiting for this picture to come on as the woman was beautiful!! Can someone help me find it!!

  3. arieladamsky says:

    Greatest show ever!!!!!!

  4. grannydyess says:

    @Kiwifrank then u should attend the reunion in tucson october 2011. meet don collier ted markland henry darrow and rudy ramos. i did back in 2009 and loved it. if i can i will go again this year. my fav tv western of all time and buck cameron mitchell was my favorite cowboy. i am his no 1 fan.

  5. theenergizer248 says:

    sounds just like “Telstar”" from the tornados

  6. kossmikham says:

    Holy fuck! I had not heard this theme song since I was 8! For a few moments I was transported back to 1971. Thanks for posting!

  7. SundropQueen1960 says:

    I can remember being 12 years old when this show came out and having a huge crush on Mark Slade as Billy Blue.

    Why can’t they put this show on DVD?

  8. mush1955 says:

    When i was a kid i used to have wet dreams about Linda Cristal…….I still do and get aroused just hearing the theme music !

  9. Kashmir1907 says:

    Manolito war damals mein Held.

  10. gabrielczinn says:

    Tenho dvds deste seriados, pra mim, está entre os melhores.

  11. MsTexas73 says:

    OMGOSH…High Chaperral, Bonanza and Big Valley…my favorite westerns. I agree with other posters saying the storylines were compelling for the times.

  12. likethe70s says:

    I keep looking in JB Hi Fi shops for it (Australia)…great western series.

  13. sking0369 says:

    I remember the injuns shooting the flaming arrows. I also liked it better than Bonanza.

  14. notredamehesamighty says:

    Very intelligent Western… compelling storylines and fantastic actors. The show probed some of the issues of the day such as racial tensions, economic questions of right and wrong and the impact of western expansion. In contrast, some of the characters on “Bonanza” seemed wooden and stilted, although that program was also, at times, quite good.

  15. lscdancer says:

    I liked this show. Setting was great.

  16. frank19593 says:

    Brings back warm memories from when it was shown on a Sunday afternoon in Sydney…

  17. zaniac1000 says:


  18. sewitt60 says:

    @zaniac1000 Now you mention it, it does sound like it.

  19. zaniac1000 says:

    a rip-off from joe meeks ‘telstar’.

  20. Faxe90Swe says:

    I loved this series!

  21. sandrahn says:

    One of the best TV themes ever, and one of the best westerns. This show got lots of criticism for its violence as compared to safer westerns like Bonanza.

  22. reservenavn says:

    The best western I ever seen, and finally on dvd! Even now over 40 years after it looks greater then ever

  23. DerFeldzug says:

    in my opinion, there is no better western to find ;)
    so let’s go to and watch the 97 episodes…

  24. Apophisguard says:

    Every Sunday afternoon – loved it!

  25. jwillis5039 says:

    my favorite western theme while growing up in the 60s and 70s.

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