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Tv Theme Chips (Top Quality)

Two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers- Ponch & Judy

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25 Responses to “Tv Theme Chips (Top Quality)”

  1. TheThing516 says:

    Top. Still remember this as a young kid. Still the best time for TV. Nothing compares to the eighties stuff. Miss em.

  2. deeprose4 says:

    Ponch and Judy eh? Don’t you mean Ponch and John dummie?

  3. karinamyworld says:

    I use love to watch this show when I was a kid .. Man those was the good ol times

  4. janbob73 says:

    chips rick estrada was hot! dang he is sexy i loved wachin chips just to see erick astrada

  5. thechineseway says:

    @dasteelers75 Think it’s abraham laboriel on bass.

  6. indyfan22k says:

    On January 28, 2011, the Associated Press reported that Wilcox was sentenced to three years probation plus 500 hours community service. US District Judge James I. Cohn cited evident and sincere remorse on the part of the plaintiff, calling the episode an “aberration in what has otherwise been an exemplary life

  7. TheSteelersrock1010 says:

    @jwdub75 yes they did .its closer to the end of the video

  8. antiquax says:

    Great theme tune – one of the best

    Larry was a great rider – Erik was not so good

  9. dasteelers75 says:

    Baseline is sick! Dude can sling that bass. My favorite show along with Three’s Company.

  10. johnson11b says:

    whats with the close ups of the gloves and boots and guns? Sounds kind of gay

  11. planetrockford says:

    Straight on the Choppers after watching this in 1979. Me and my bro.

  12. BobbyEnergy says:

    Before there was “Cops” there was “Chips”..and before there whas “Chips” there was “Potatoes”…

  13. senatorewing says:

    Yes I agree bring back all the vintage stuff but I have heard they are not going to release any more Chips on DVD and I feel that really sucks.

  14. jwdub75 says:

    Hey, we got cheated. They did not show Ponch shifting gears.

  15. jarbon5 says:

    Used to love this song back in the day, and this was a favorite part of the show for me. It would make me think about the Six Million Dollar Man, with all the electronic sounds going on. Man, this was a very good theme song:)

  16. NinerPoolGirl says:

    God’s last name is not damn!

  17. TheCaulfield1 says:

    Yet another TV programme, along with Hill Street Blues and Taxi I loved to watch.
    How god damn gorgeous are these guys???? xxxx

  18. wannawatchu66 says:


    When younger, I never considered what any of my elders said “irrational garbage.” They had a HELLUVA LOT MORE life experience than I did because I was a kid, as you are. You’re only 24 according to your Channel, but your day WILL come as “old people.” This show would’ve bored you, yet who clicked your computer on it?

    “Maybe when you grow up a bit more” sounds quite odd (and hypocritical) from someone who’s into Miley Cyrus enough to have favorited one of her videos.

  19. covmiss says:

    @fifthof pmsl ….although i loved this when i was about 8 (twats) lmao

  20. TheBootyDoctor6 says:

    I want the first 32 seconds of this theme song for a ring tone and no one has it

  21. supernickybarmby says:

    Proper tv from a proper era the eighties ruled ;)

  22. averyconnor1 says:

    this show was so campy, but fun as hell to watch as a kid…cop shows today try to be too gritty, too uptight, and it seems like one show runs into the other…no flavor! people laugh at this show, but it ran for like 6 seasons or so, so something was done right.

  23. EgaoNoGenki says:

    @jwturner1129 Ah, UNreality TV – explains no episodes that take place in Compton & Watts.

  24. wyldemw says:

    one of my favorite shows as a kid, back when TV was about cool stuff like cars, guns and explosions. And not about douchebags.

  25. TheXeno16 says:

    @jwturner1129 Can old people PLEASE get over the whole “another past X time is garbage?”

    Did you not get sick of your parents, and their parents, and their parents spewing the same irrational garbage? Just because something isn’t to your taste, doesn’t mean it’s “crap” or “sucks.” This show looks like something that would bore me. That doesn’t mean it has no value to you, or anyone else. People have personal choice, like it or not. Maybe when you grow up a bit more you’ll realize this.

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