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tv series the invaders

intro to the tv series the invaders
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  1. transneural says:

    1966… what a fresh groovy year man…!!!

  2. bus114 says:

    Didn’t this show end without a concluding episode?

  3. infrasleep says:

    @crazymonkey1958 I loved this show! As kids we used to go ’round with outstretched little fingers to terrify everyone into thinking we were invaders-though if truth be known things like ‘retards’ were probably more close to what they thought! One thing that ALWAYS perplexed me-what the hell difference did it make that David Vincent was an archetect when it came to fighting aliens?! I guess ‘Garbageman David Vincent’ wouldn’t have worked, but all the same1 Great show!

  4. dynagravitomagnetic says:

    Please look up “Doctor Steven Greer” and “The Disclosure Project”. He brings forward evidence and testimony from former military personnel, air traffic controllers, and specialized scientific personnel whom have revealed secret information about our being part of a planetary community. The wealthiest ones on earth who sell oil and sponsor “government” want everyone to stay ignorant so there can be no real freedom. People have no idea that they are money slaves.

  5. MultiPmedina says:

    My favorite TV intro.

  6. macman1138 says:

    Here is a very good website dedicated to The Invaders TV show :
    I’d like to see it come back on TV with as many as the original actors as possible on the premise that is 40 years plus later, picking up the story from there.

  7. ufoengines says:

    I always found the space ship in this show a little uninspired.
    The saucers in Forbidden Planet, and the Day the Earth Stood Still are much cooler. Lost in Space saucer …. ok.

  8. randrianabel says:

    i have really seen them into the nyc subway
    The proof?see the video called starwars subway car!we must warn fbi ncis pentagone and whitehouse!

  9. randrianabel says:

    i have really seen them into the nyc subway
    The proof?see the video called starwars subway car!we must warn fbi ncis pentagone and whitehouse!

  10. macman1138 says:

    Yes, it is a shame there wasn’t a new TV series on HBO or SyFy.
    On the website fanfic section is a writer that has a good starting point for a new series.

  11. cyclist68 says:

    Thanks for this cm58. This scared the bejeeze out of me when I was 8 years old. Just the music sends a shiver down my spine

  12. poohbrain1 says:

    Great show,a long time ago!

  13. fatburger41 says:

    james arness played the creature in the thing.william conrad narreates the invaders.

  14. lewisner says:

    My favourite Sci Fi TV series ever.

  15. Robo1415 says:

    unless you found a black hole….

  16. TRUEMAN8919 says:

    the invaders one of the best series for his scripts dark and good performances together with the twilight zone and the fugitive series of high quality

  17. 2pikeman says:

    greats how, just bought the whole 2 series on dvd,carnt wait to get stuck in ,over 30 episodes

  18. wataf211110 says:

    Its on DVD now just bought the whole lot for £30. Series 1 & 2 – 43 Episodes I think !!!

  19. obsidiansdawn says:

    William T. Woodson

  20. SgtRock57 says:

    I believe you are referring to Keith David. Does sound like him a bit, but David was only 11 years old at that time.

  21. Atlargein says:

    The voice of the guy narrating seems like the black actor that starred in the movie THE THING !!! mmm, what’s his name???

  22. abacab987 says:

    I guess its a little like “I dream of Jeannie” or “Bewitched”. If the information became known that there was a magical godlike being in someone’s service, the series would turn hideous very quickly. I guess even if the main character had evidence, the aliens would intervene and recover it, and then erase the memory of those exposed to it.
    (In reality our most opulent ownership class of society keep information down. Is that is why “The Billy Meyer Chronicles” are totally ignored by the media?)

  23. abacab987 says:

    I cannot be certain of how the more advanced space/time machines operate. Please look up “BOB LAZAR” and the area 51 saucer. He had said it uses an “element 115″ to power an “annihilation reactor”.
    He postulates the top part of said vehicle is some kind of “Navigation and Control”.
    I guess this is how it avoids asteroids. It must be advanced science, like the rest of said vessel.

    The earth built gravity ships that I mentioned (like the TR3B disclosed by ED FOUCHE) are not nearly so powerful.

  24. gmdinformation says:

    “The star 1000 light years is reached in hours!

    You’d hit an asteroid and destroy your ship in the first half second.

  25. spinout3 says:

    classic tv show. wish it was repeated.

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