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TV-Serie Big Valley Vorspann 1965

TV-Serie Big Valley Vorspann 1965
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25 Responses to “TV-Serie Big Valley Vorspann 1965”

  1. Ypipable says:

    Barbara Stanwyck owned the Big Valley…and don’t you forget it!

  2. CatlizI says:

    I loved & still love this show, I actually named one of my sons Jared

  3. ajbm1975 says:

    valle de pasiones

  4. newall7 says:

    tv was magical then,
    its boring reality soap and limp wrists these days absoloute trash now
    barbra stanwyck was an icon

  5. MrCombat1965 says:

    Sure, variety on today’s shows. Lawyer shows, cop shows, doctor shows, reality showsssssszzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….huh? Wha?

  6. Jota21Chile says:

    thanks for uploading this. You guys took me back in my childhood
    Greetings from Chile

  7. Capt777harris says:

    I can’t stand TV today. In the 70s and 80s they said TV was a vast wasteland, and that it couldn’t get any worse.

    Heh…. HA!

    My god, TV I grew up with, Big Valley included, looks like Shakespeare compared to the junk that’s on today.

  8. walwaad says:

    Yeah, there’s so much variety on TV nowadays. At least then you had comedies, adventure shows, variety shows, westerns, and dramas. Let’s see what we’ve got now: a handful of awful comedies, a few dramas all cut from the same cloth, and reality shows…wanna talk about simple…

  9. TheGringoLoco says:

    Boy, the 1960′s TV programs, I tell ya’. If it wasn’t about cowboys, it was about secret agents and spies or outer space adventures…..or some silly sitcom about some young chick and her romantic escapades, or else about some good ‘ole, all-American young guys getting into hijinks. The 1970′s brought us all the cop shows that took the TV viewing world by storm, I remember. We were so simple back then.

  10. georgelee43211 says:


  11. skirts365 says:

    I like Heath when he told the corrupt town marshal—”I let you win—understand? I let you win.” in quick draw events then Heath had to actually gun him down.

  12. lauranmary says:

    Lee Majors was hot

  13. miIhousedaniel says:

    Ich liebe solche alten SAT.1-Aufnahmen!!! “Big Valley” hab ich damals ├╝brigens sogar geschaut. Das m├╝sste so Anfang 1988 gewesen sein. Kam immer nachmittags so gegen 16:00 oder 17:00 Uhr. Kann das ein?

  14. scootergreen3 says:

    Thats funny, Ha Ha Ha, and kind of true. I watched both programs!!!

  15. swami1 says:

    And Barbara Stanwyck before she was “Miss” Barbara Stanwyck.

  16. Cat17Woman says:

    Wow! Lee Majors before he was The Six Million Dollar Man and Linda Evans before she was Krystal Carrington and did you know that Barbara Stanwyck starred with Elvis Presley in Roustabout. Great Stuff!

  17. 7coco3 says:


  18. zekest says:

    I have a crush on the cute young. I will date her yet she probably is married now. She was on television 44 years ago. She may be in a nursing home now.

  19. fredxtini1 says:

    It was a great show but come on….. Victoria= ben in a skirt. Heath= Little Joe. Nick= a combo of Candy, Hoss and Will, Jarrod=Adam. Throw in a pretty sister and change Nevada for the Napa Valley….. same formula!!!!

  20. perrypearl says:

    Much better than Bonanza/Ponderosa.

  21. riverland73 says:

    i had a crush on jerod.

  22. fromthesidelines says:

    “THE BIG VALLEY” was seen on ABC {U.S.} from 1965 through ’69, ‘KAZZ’…

  23. KAZZTHECAT says:

    this show was great, but donno which year was on

  24. coolmom1989 says:

    My parents named me after Audra Barkley. It’s cool to be able to see the person who I’m named after.

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