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Trouble with Ghosts

DM and Penfold are in for a scare as the two battle a barrage of Greenback’s finest robot ghouls…
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25 Responses to “Trouble with Ghosts”

  1. dkupke says:

    I seem to remember one about Baron Greenback using an army of washing machines to take over the world. Classic stuff.

  2. DrJowenz says:

    “Will the Vampire Trade Union succeed at getting longer coffee brakes?”

  3. cgsilverscreen2020 says:

    Wow I’m from USA British Shows are cool!

  4. coltsrule5150 says:

    theres a stupid ass rapper named dangermouse wow these rappers as if stealing the music samples from this era isnt enough

  5. CoolDudeClem says:

    6:38 I can understand Penfold making that mistake, but not Dangermouse, everyone knows (or should know) Frankenstien was the creator, not the monster, I just thought I’d point that out.

  6. watchensee says:

    @glowworm2 Same here, I was 5 years old too! {:)

  7. tzford says:

    Danger Mouse!!! I Loved this cartoon When I grew Up Way back when!! But were is Count Duckula at?? My Man!!

  8. ThomasCrookFilms says:

    I was very lucky to meet the creators of “Dangermouse” Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall and got my complete “Dangermouse” DVD set signed by them, they’re really nice chaps! I made an animation a bit like “Dangermouse” called “Afro Goblin and Chums” it’s on my Youtube page if you would like a look “Dangermouse” fans :)

  9. AllisonTowers says:

    @tardsonwheels You got jipped as well, there’s 10 seasons of Dangermouse.

  10. randomvid93 says:

    aren’t there 10 seasons of dangermouse all together?

  11. tardsonwheels says:

    too bad. you got jipped. if you goto amazon, they sell the complete 5 seasons in one set called dangermouse the complete collection for 12.95. i just bought it 3 days ago. i’m intentionally telling you this to bug you.

  12. FilmationArchive says:

    Oh right, that was Siriol… d’oh!

  13. heyarnoldsknee says:

    Cosgrove Hall didnt animate Superted

  14. Wreven367 says:

    Danger Mouse came out in 1981, I think. lol I love this. I bought the first four seasons on the internet. The shipping cost more than the actual dvds.

  15. hcvang says:

    is Danger Mouse older than SuperTed? The animtion in this doesnt look as good as what they did in Superted…

  16. chrisww254 says:

    god ! i rember watching these cartoons all the time when i was a kid.

  17. Georgedepinedo says:

    I really don’t know if this cartoon is good or bad,but I allmost die laughin’

  18. nsj1997 says:

    danger mouse would be a cool video game…

  19. Golemoid says:

    most corny, unfunny and badly animated cartoon i saw

  20. glowworm2 says:

    “Theres a two headed faceless thing at the bottom of the bed.”
    “Oh yes.Those are your feet,Penfold.”
    “Oh,silly me.”XD!

    I haven’t seen this show since I was at least 5 on Nickelodeon.This is great stuff!

  21. LouisLambert says:

    I like listening to the syntax and the idioms of the English.

  22. gonore says:

    We had Dangermouse in Sweden to.
    My grandpa recorded it to a VHS-tape when i was about 4 years old and looked at it over and over again. In english, no dub. But we had that to tough.

  23. DeleteThisMF says:

    Yea we had in the U.S. alright. One of my favs shows of my childhood. London. Great stuff.

  24. 1aundulxaldin says:

    Yeah I know, but I was born in the 90′s. Don’t remember this. It’s SO unfair that wasn’t around to SEE this awesome thing, and T.V. is dead to me!!

  25. PMG61527 says:

    DM forgot to take his eyepatch off even when hes sleeping…
    and another thing… is DM wearing a turtleneck????

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