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Trailer – The Flintstones (1994)

Director: Brian Levant

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25 Responses to “Trailer – The Flintstones (1994)”

  1. Martinofredwall100 says:

    8 missed the movie in the cinema.

  2. 13eds says:

    @leafyutube No.

  3. spunkygen49 says:

    really? You think that people living with dinosaurs is real? You’re such an idiot!

  4. mastersword217 says:

    a classic

  5. RichYan33 says:

    @leafyutube All except the birds in the cameras. Birds are notoriously poor artists and make everyone look like Alfred Hitchcock.

  6. WisconsinRebals2010 says:

    Good Movie

  7. taranchula97 says:

    I actually liked this. I mean yeah it’s not a masterpiece but it stayed very faithful to the original cartoon and I think that’s all it needed to be.

  8. 6lionheart6 says:

    @leafyutube highly doubt it

  9. KiamarMasterT says:

    Especially with John Goodman as Fred Flinstone!!!
    He was the BEST as Fred Flinstone! :-D

  10. Hellothasauras says:

    @MidjettKiDx Same here mate, the only reason I like Flintstones…is because I also like Jurassic Park and this is on the video trailerss.

  11. vgcatsfan1 says:

    @leafyutube no its a hanna barbera cartoon

  12. lowaces says:

    looks like a goddamn over priced actor love fest

  13. tori52798 says:

    YAY!!!!! IT CAME OUT ON MY BDAY :) ))))))

  14. raigekiman says:

    wow this movie start all the live action retro cartoons we love i personally still like the flintstones movie the best them all man halle berry was a hottie and still is

  15. wickedfeylady says:

    Ok, it’s not “Citizen Kane”, and Rosie may not look too much like Betty (she sure sounds like her though!) but this movie will always have a really special place in my heart. It came out RIGHT as I was finishing preschool and I of course loved the cartoon! The ads and stuff made me so excited that I couldn’t wait for the film. I had a “making of” book (yeah before it came out lol) so I used it to direct my OWN VERSION with my friends from school! I played Pebbles :) Mine was pretty good lol

  16. roboguy75 says:

    rosie o’donnel as betty?…….WORST IDEA EVER!!!!

  17. Mortadelo658 says:

    Nope, the Flinstones are cartoons from Hanna- Barbera.
    And one of the best cartoons in the history of the world

  18. nobodysperfect06 says:

    Danny DeVito is the only one who can play Cosmo Spacely!!!!!!!!!!

  19. classyfilms says:


  20. leafyutube says:

    Is Flintstones a true story?

  21. krystaloy says:

    @senjin801 that was the sequel, this one is the original and much better i say!!

  22. MrDevlance says:

    This is the best movie after cartoon ever made!
    They went to such great GREAT details to replicate the feeling and the aspect of the cartoons, even with the sounds and camera shot angles, not to mention the characters themselves! The story might have not been one of he greatest, but the universe has been captured and portrayed PERFECTLY!

  23. moshikamboshi says:

    totally underrated movie!

  24. EliteGamer001 says:

    I have collected all “The Flintstones” toys from McDonalds. These were one of best toys I have ever had.



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