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Torchwood Special – BBC

The Dead Ringers team present their version of Torchwood, including mincing walks, dramatic background music and name tags! Hilarious free comedy clip from the BBC.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Torchwood Special – BBC”

  1. ImmaChiaotzu1 says:

    New Torchwood sucks. I loved Series 1, 2 and 3 but not Miracle Day.

  2. cvrmaniac says:

    check out our name badges- annoying, dull and annoying, camp and annoying—-welsh LOL :D

  3. TheGDLfan says:

    Ianto isn’t dull and annoying…… D:

  4. 1979darthvader says:

    @TorchWhoCanada Do that and you’ll become my hero.

  5. agenerichuman says:

    rips in time in space that create enormous plot holes that we just have to deal with.

  6. kamwrites says:

    @TorchWhoCanada Uh….no. Sorry.

  7. kamwrites says:

    LOL!! Nice! I guess Jack’s suddenly trying to be from Jeresy. And the “Welsh” tag, classic!

  8. mirandasblog says:

    I love it!

  9. Jarvisdoctor says:

    I like “Torchwood” and this shit! I don’t mind the series being poked fun at but if they’re going to do it they might as well make it funny! As it happened it was about as funny as cancer! Have to agree with the estimation of Ianto being dull though! I can’t say I was overly disappointed when he was written out of the series.

  10. wesleyis16 says:

    Gets me every time.

  11. aperson22222 says:

    Oh, how true, how true!

  12. TheTomReid says:

    Pound Shop Tom Cruise – brilliant!

  13. Sephiruto says:

    For those few of you not in the know: 0:54 – Mousse T. Vs. The Dandy Warhols – Horny as a Dandy.

  14. GazzTheFunkadelic says:

    @LivNovak Me and you both…she’s gorgeous!!

  15. TheGamerH0lic says:

    I love Torchwood but this is just hilarious. “That’s Toarchwood Gwen” XD I love how Jon Culshaw pronounces Torchwood in this

  16. BubbleshBex says:

    i love torchwood and think jack is amazinggg, but this is funny :’D

  17. urasai101 says:

    It would have been so awesome if they added the whole CSI Miami One Liner Yeah thing

  18. urasai101 says:

    It would have been so awesome if they added the whole CSI Miami One liner Yeah thing =P

  19. BeanPolice says:

    We’re on the top of this building for no reason, this is torchwood.
    oh yes, indeed. I always have to count the number of times they randomly appear on the top of buildings.

  20. ultrapersonthing says:

    torchwood: beyond the government, outside the united nations, but not above making a few gay jokes.

  21. My9thMyJoy says:

    His walk at the beginning was the best part.

  22. LivNovak says:

    Weird……..I like the original Torchwood better!!

    I only watch that for Gwen….I Love Eve Myles!!

  23. THEBeautyofebony says:

    What did their name tags say? I mean I gott Owen , Jacks and Gwens but I dnt get Iantos

  24. NoOneTookThisNameLol says:

    Lol “Welsh”

    Michael Mac should of played Jack though.

  25. ReviewerEverything says:

    @TorchWhoCanada The Got Rid Of A Scene If The Final Of Series 4 Where On The Beach The Real Doctor Gives The Human One A Piece Of The TARDIS

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