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Torchwood Season 1 bloopers

TW Bloopers

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25 Responses to “Torchwood Season 1 bloopers”

  1. littlemisstorchwood says:

    i love the pimp wink at the end!!!x :)

  2. alphacadet0920 says:

    At around 2:58 when John Barrowman stands up with the cake in his mouth, look at the lamp. There’s a pair of 3D glasses there. I wonder who’s glasses they could be?

  3. Kittykkat12 says:

    jacks sneeze is so CUTE!!!!!!

  4. RedJeansVersus says:

    John’s scottish accent is so sexy, it’s almost as strong as mine haha

  5. omfgaufo says:

    These outtakes are beautiful. Wish we had more Gareth though.
    “Such a bag of wank” Gotta love Eve ^.^

  6. zapfacid says:

    I was also curious about the song

  7. OddballEndorser says:

    God I love it when he talks in a Scottish accent.. I wish he used it all the time.

  8. Pcayper says:

    can some one please tell me wat is the song playing?

  9. MegaTrevor26 says:

    ♥ love him he is so goofy

  10. emilyannthedestroyer says:

    “-I just shat my pants”

  11. moodymaree says:

    John’s laugh is so contagious :L

  12. YourAverageJoeDavis says:


  13. artiefowl says:

    barrowman *shakes fist

  14. DeadmansWoman says:

    @DevoidOfFeelings lol, right? So epic XD

  15. DevoidOfFeelings says:

    lol, i thought he was gonna die laughing at “simple cleanup operation”

  16. DevoidOfFeelings says:

    oooh my god, John is eviiiiiil with that haaand!

  17. emmahouli says:

    lol I love when John switch between his american and Scottish accent in one sentence

  18. Wakulaw says:

    I can’t stand Gwen (urgh) but I really like Eve Myles !

  19. katinkagirlie says:

    Barrowman!! *shakes fist*
    But really, res-erection time two minutes? Just two?

  20. FlashFWD says:

    I love these guys

  21. lemonchicklet says:


  22. mushroomshrub says:

    I love John and Burn’s headbanging in the SUV! Shame the full cast will never be together again, but I literally screamed when I found out season four had been green-lighted! Long live Torchwood!

  23. HeartsFire1 says:

    I love his Scottish accent!

  24. jamspice11 says:

    “the maximum erection time is two minutes” .. alright captain jack lol

  25. TheKlervie says:

    @InnuendoSquadron Same here. I’m always amazed at how awesome she is in real life, and how she becomes so annoying in the show that I always want to punch her in the face … I guess that’s acting.

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