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Torchwood: Miracle Day – Unique Appear

Torchwood: Miracle Day Special Look. Torchwood: Miracle Day premieres July 8th at 10p e/p on STARZ.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Torchwood: Miracle Day – Unique Appear”

  1. RoyalGuard503 says:

    @TheGallianthe Russell T Davies is still the main writer, having written six of the episodes. Jane Esponson (of Buffy and Battlestar Galactica fame) wrote four episodes.

  2. RoyalGuard503 says:

    @Jr943 Time is not fixed, remember? All throughout Doctor Who, he’s made it a point to say that even though certain events have been seen to happen, alien and time interference can lead to a change in events, killing civilizations and people earlier. The Face of Boe’s death is not fixed.

    If you paid attention to Doctor Who, you’d know this.

  3. PappyCaligula says:

    Rosewell Danes rocks!…
    The only thing that could make or break this program is Russell T. Davies. He hasn’t the restrictions. DO not make this campy at all…IF he can make a winner, then he can pave the way to maybe bring Moffatt and “Doctor Who” to America as well.
    Sacriledge?..NO Salvation for a programme where the BBC and the Brit Gov’t budget cuts will wind-up killing that show soon (Look how many staff members have jumped ship)..

  4. Jr943 says:

    Ok so why make it seem like Jack is mortal, he can’t die he is the freaking Face of Boe.

  5. hellokittyluver4ever says:

    i cant wait. TOMORROW!!!!!!!! and it looks amazing. im a HUGE fan of torchwood<3 however i have to say that im never going to like any of the new ones and much as the first three seasons. its never going to be the same :.(

  6. xXLoaDEd2KiLLXx says:

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  7. RoyalGuard503 says:

    @dwfan6995 Premium channels do not have the scrutiny of censorship that cable channels do. As an American, you should know this.

    Oz, Queer as Folk, Weeds, Game of Thrones, True Blood, all good shows that didn’t have to worry about censorship issues due to their respective premium networks.

    But, hey, I guess I’m just not a fan of making snap judgments using unsupported statements.

  8. Skeew1 says:

    I really hope American audiences (who arent already fans) dont make snap judgements about torchwood. im an american fan of the show, but im worried people wont understand if they arent familiar with captain jack. Its a really great show and im sooooo excited about the new season!!!!

  9. JoBoMano says:

    omfg is shows tommarrow WE GOTA C DIS GUYS CMON!

  10. JoBoMano says:

    someone kileld grim reaper XD
    these guys want death to begin again? screw them

  11. CarriageHillndustry says:

    I am going to miss ianto so much

  12. theaterchick says:

    @linxdeal YOU TAKE THAT BACK!

  13. linxdeal says:

    So uh.. guy in the first minute…bad actor.

  14. GetTheFuckOffMeBitch says:

    @M0dernDayP0et You really should watch the first THREE Seasons before this, if you really want to know what it is.

  15. M0dernDayP0et says:

    anyone want to take the time and explain to me what the heck touchwood is?

  16. callofduty1164 says:

    @ 0.37 what the hell is that

  17. thepower1802 says:

    4:06 of course ….Newman.

  18. mykoko96 says:

    @dwfan6995 RTD said that he feels Torchwood found it’s stride when it started doing things like children of earth because it helped Torchwood get out of the shadow of Doctor Who.

  19. dwfan6995 says:

    @bhobtoo Yes and I am American, but even I know that it is a stupid choice bringing the show here. British television shows are more free to do what they want with violence and sexuality. The only show that I have seen like that in the US is True Blood, and that is on HBO. They show Secret Diary on Showtime, but obviously that is not American.

  20. bhobtoo says:

    @dwfan6995 I agree with you. Torchwood was great before CoE. I bet Captain Jack is so disappointed that he can’t brutally murder a bunch of kids.

  21. dwviolinist says:

    OMG, this sneak peak is AMAZING! I can’t wait

  22. c1ickh3r3 says:

    @onemoredayofmisery they said starz wasnt going to make them change anything, and the cast being american isnt that big of a deal =/

  23. c1ickh3r3 says:

    @TheSolitaryPoet unless theyre alive inside whatever ate them’s stomach o.o

  24. TheSolitaryPoet says:

    I bet if someone is eaten, they will still die.

  25. dwfan6995 says:

    Why can’t we just have a regular season back. First is was Children of Earth and not it’s Miracle Day. I just want the original Torchwood.

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