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TORCHWOOD Innuendo Squad John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd

480p = Best Picture. John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd, Comic Con ’08 “Highlights” reel. To Honor our beloved Ianto Jones…and Gareth: to benefit Kids In Want. Gobs of Innuendo and Two Gorgeous and Funny Men…What more could you want?…Perhaps TORCHWOOD Innuendo Squad TWO..the Sequel: …and now… TORCHWOOD Innuendo Squad 3 with John & David Tennant. Just click on cos2mwiz, then Playlist TRANSCRIPTS! at my LiveJournal: Thanks for Watching!

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25 Responses to “TORCHWOOD Innuendo Squad John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd”

  1. iSmileing says:


  2. SailorMiniMoonlover says:

    Freaking Hilarious XD
    You’ve just gotta love Jack and Ianto <3<3

  3. N1C0L3TURN3R says:

    Gareth looks so cute! I love how he’s smiling the whole time. (:

  4. cryssibaby says:

    @cos2mwiz Oh, I can’t go for a really long time anyway. But thank you.

  5. cos2mwiz says:

    @cryssibaby That’s one of the biggest things I LOVE about TORCHWOOD…Gay Heroes, not stereotypes.

  6. cos2mwiz says:

    @cryssibaby Unless you already have tickets…Good Luck. It’s sold out and so are the hotels. You’ll need to check with the SDCC site to see when the cancellations will go on sale. They sold out earlier than ever this year.

  7. cryssibaby says:

    @cos2mwiz I know. I would love to see more. American TV makes same sex couples look fruity or wrong somehow, such as Will & Grace; where they pretty much made Will in love with Grace towards the end (so I heard, I didn’t see the end) but there was Will’s friend that fit the sterotype to a T and I found that disturbing. Then there was Spin City that made it seem mostly okay but they still cheesed it up. Then one The N show about a teenage lesbian couple but even that was a mess.

  8. cryssibaby says:

    @cos2mwiz Oh wow. I really want to go.

  9. cos2mwiz says:

    @cryssibaby We certainly need more gay characters portrayed on TV as in Torchwood…no big deal, just the norm, whether they’re played by straight or gay actors. =)

  10. cos2mwiz says:

    @cryssibaby John has already pretty much confirmed on twitter he will be there this summer to promote series 4. o/

  11. cryssibaby says:

    Does John or anyone else still go to the San Diego Comic con?

  12. cryssibaby says:

    @cos2mwiz I was actually surprised that Gareth’s straight. There are very few straight actors that play bi or gay and we need more of that.

  13. xNefasx says:

    That´s cool, I am so glad, that a lot of people know about our festival. Yes, David Nykl has been there also last year, he was nice;D I hope, that sometimes will finely come anyone of my favourites:-)

  14. twofataldays says:

    David Nykl has been there for several times and I watched some vids… That’s why I remember it :)

  15. cos2mwiz says:

    @alexiskissyouall John only. Gareth just a really, REALLY cool straight guy. =)

  16. alexiskissyouall says:

    they`re gay for real ? *o*

  17. xNefasx says:

    Oh, I´m definitely in:-)) How do you know FestivalFantazie?:-D

  18. 1cni1 says:

    Brilliant, God i love these 2. We need more of them on TV together.

  19. surfer53 says:

    I just think it’s cool, even as a straight guy, that David is all right with playing a character in a gay relationship.

  20. Suke4U says:

    Damn, if only they where together….XDD
    Love them non-the-less!!

  21. cos2mwiz says:

    @AmandaWadsley Thanks! Will fix. =)

  22. AmandaWadsley says:

    @cos2mwiz I just watched the entire comic con thing, and thanks for the transcripts as well it helped as some I couldn’t make out, and I’ve figured out one of the (indiscernible) bits, on the 6 of 7 transcript where Julie is saying this sentence: “Ohhh…I’m just here to disappoint, I know there’s no (indiscernible) There’s no extra scenes.” I think she’s saying manga, referring to the discussion they had before about not doing any manga :)

  23. cos2mwiz says:

    @AmandaWadsley Very glad you enjoyed. =)

  24. AmandaWadsley says:

    I actually love this so much, brilliant video! I’m obviously happy for John Barrowman to be in such an amazing relationship with his partner, but there’s part of me that wishes he was single and that Gareth David-Lloyd was gay just so these two could go just that step further lol!

  25. TheAnomally says:

    TOrchwood season 4(Torchwood: Miracle Days)…rumor mill is that it’s going to be shown on Starz with a mostly USA cast except for JB and EM…now i know why RTD killed off Ianto…not to further Capt. Jack’s suffering…since I think watching his love interest grow old would do that enough.(he’s had to do it so many other times) but so that in his quest to make the show Ult. #1 he gets rid of the factor that would make the other half of the viewers…queasy. JANTO FOREVER!!!!

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