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Torchwood BBCi Teaser

Teaser for the new series of Torchwood shown on freeview channel 302. A BBCi service essentially.

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25 Responses to “Torchwood BBCi Teaser”

  1. girlEgirl6 says:

    John ( Jack ) is always hot!

  2. gultruse says:

    MAN, do i want to trade places with him there,,, (eighter one of them)

  3. lifeonmars90 says:

    How that fight was hot;)

  4. Lucando says:

    @thetank1234567890987 Actually it’s called ‘Song 2′ by Blur.

  5. smokeme23 says:

    aww.. foreplay!

  6. chinagrrl says:

    Very funny! “It’s more fun when Jack’s around!” Amen! LOL!

    Love seeing Jack Harkness and Spike kissing and then beating the shit out of each other! Definitely a Buffy/Torchwood fan’s wet dream!

  7. blondofu says:

    O_O like wow

  8. RyukuzaYagami says:

    Veeery sexy!

  9. hollabooiers says:

    @homobohemicus I know, that’s the first season of Torchwood, pure crap if you ask me. But it gets better, it really does. There are even some fairly decent eps in the first season (I myself quite like the 10th one for example :D ) and the second season is drastically better. If you can make yourself suffer through the first season, the acting, the storylines, -everything- gets better after that. I can’t guarantee you’ll think it’s amazing, but I’d still give it another shot. :)

  10. homobohemicus says:

    I usually LOVE anything BBC and series usually are more than decent, but I just watched the 5 first episodes and its rather a disappointment. Weak acting, ridiculous plots, more than simple “stories” without a “wow” effect that is needed in these kinds of series and john barrowman? as well mediocre acting skills and false teeth that you can see from space!

  11. thetank1234567890987 says:

    ty vero 1003

  12. vero1003 says:

    It’s called “Woo hoo” by Blur. Have fun! :)
    Bye, Vero :)

  13. thetank1234567890987 says:

    what’s the song at 1:29 to 1:44 can some one please tell me ?

  14. realbahaqueen says:

    @narusasuotaku and stay fans for life

  15. narusasuotaku says:

    this is how yaoi fangirls are born

  16. kpinkcat says:

    @PhantomessofthePearl i agree!!!!~

  17. ViolaXZ says:

    Torchwood is brilliant SCI-FI show with great´╗┐ storyline, acting and visual effects. I don’t understand why it is so overlooked and underrated. It’s more clever than fairytales Star Wars and Star Trek. John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Naoko Mori and others did a great gob

  18. crayonpafc says:

    I told James Marsters that I put this clip on my ipod so I can watch it over and over again …… he started laughing and put his head on the table XD

  19. shutterflie says:

    I would just like comment on the name of the bar they reunite in.

    It’s called “Bar Reunion”.

    How very appropriate. :)

    Also: my brain is going SADHFJSAHFJSKDAHJK THIS IS SO HOT

  20. WTFman5000 says:

    WTF… They start kissin the try killing eachother??? Lol

  21. MOCoutinho says:

    Wow, wonderful scene! I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw it first time.

  22. moonlitlove91 says:

    best…scene…EVER!!! lol

  23. wonderwall50 says:

    yeas its one of the best scenes .. its funny and its great ^^

  24. Xx3LindaXx3 says:


  25. FluorescentRose says:

    No worries :)

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