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Top Ten Best Seinfeld Moments

This is my opinion of the top ten very best Seinfeld Moments. And thanx for all of u YouTubers making this my most successful video and best Seinfeld video on the web! And here is a excellent site to go to:

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25 Responses to “Top Ten Best Seinfeld Moments”

  1. 416xplod says:

    Im happy i was born in the 90′s, grew up watching seinfeld friends home improvement steve urkel and many other’s i wish i had a time machine so i could go back and enjoy it all over again just sit down do homework and watch t.v.

  2. cow2726 says:

    @whatsgoingon07 he did

  3. Peltar100 says:

    Just because his wife is in a coma dosen’t mean George couldn’t have banged her. Coma Rape

  4. whatsgoingon07 says:

    Elaine is so hot! why didn’t Seinfeld ever do her?! WHY? WHY? WHY??

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  6. BudmaudeY says:

    wrestling is fake!

  7. a192589 says:

    My favorite is definitely Soup Nazi,
    No soup for you! >:O

    and Yada Yada Yada

  8. TazDee2010 says:

    Soup Nazi for #1! :D

  9. iamNiesha says:

    These pretzels are makin me thirsty

  10. FredzDaddy says:

    Disappointing choice! As a massive Seinfeld fan I am amazed that you have come up with the more ‘visual’ slapstick side of the humour. Where is the famous ‘it’s a show about NOTHING!’ side of wit and nuance especially between George and Jerry? I could’ve picked ten of these at random from virtually any episode and it would be a more interesting choice than this tosh. Rubbish!

  11. FCoc55913 says:

    Thiis the shit

  12. OddSqodd says:

    EXCELLENT. Check out our sketch group for more bizarre content!

  13. Mistisceto says:

    you missed the cock fight scene with the guys shouting “tamaaalees”!!

  14. chipplayer41 says:

    kramers toe story is a must. and elaine almost conquering the van wyck. there a must

  15. bpjr2004 says:

    Thanks man,This is great. Definitly the funniest show EVER!!!!!!

  16. bpjr2004 says:

    This is great man! One of the best,if not THE best show ever.

  17. MrJaymzey says:

    THIS is the “funniest show ever”?
    holy shit.

  18. overby1796 says:

    How dare you cut the best part of #1!!! “And you wanna be my latex salesman…”

  19. 1996brin says:

    apparently this is the funniest show ever been?

  20. anthropological says:

    what happened to the scene where Kramer lights his hair on fire? Or when Elaine and Mr Costanza where going to fight “You want a piece of me???”

  21. CrashDaRecon says:

    I will never know why this was bigger then the martin series.

  22. IsaacParrack95 says:


  23. shaun12484 says:

    the close talker was a great one

  24. pfl95 says:

    So THIS is the greatest show of all time?
    Maybe it’s better than most sitcoms…

  25. Slayerdude91 says:

    IM HIT!!!

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