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top 20 childrens tv shows in ireland

top 20 childrens tv shows in ireland

Image by 1541
… ah the memories. i was watching this slightly drunk last night and i was transported back to being 9 and watching all these amazing shows.

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7 Responses to “top 20 childrens tv shows in ireland”

  1. BRH31 says:

    how were you watching it? Did you used to tape it?
    I have about 8 or 9 3 hr tapes filled with Zig & Zag stuff from the late 80′s. But can’t play them anymore cos I I am living in the US

  2. 1541 says:

    wow! id love those tapes :)

    a friend recorded it for me and sent it.

  3. crankbunnny says:

    these shows look amazing

  4. 1541 says:

    yeah! happy memories. the two "who look pissed" (zig and zag) are huuuuuuuge in ireland over the last 20ish years. they were pretty big in the uk for a while aswell.

  5. Dara Mulhern says:

    good work – wouldnt mind a go of that tape – bring it for new years !

  6. Emerald2810 says:

    This is a terrific collection of Irish Children TV shows.

  7. .m.e.c. says:

    I have a talking Dustin doll and single of "Sweet Caroline" I’m looking to get rid of if anyone is interested in owning a piece of childhood : )

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