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Top 10 Dragnet (1987) Moments

I have always loved this film starring Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks, so I decided to make another Top 10 video but based on this homage to the popular 50′s TV series. Note: This video may contain spoilers involving the film and I warn to not watch if you haven’t seen the film. Enjoy For more videos, visit my YouTube page…or visit my website

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25 Responses to “Top 10 Dragnet (1987) Moments”

  1. hutt359 says:

    Kids… It’ll grow back.


    That scene always cracks me up. Lol.

  2. BHoz77 says:

    No “Kill the good”? Come on!

  3. Scike says:

    Tom Hank’s laugh at 2:06 is just fuckin’ priceless!

  4. Scike says:

    Tom Hank’s laugh at 2:06 is just fuckin’ priceless!

  5. sivazh says:

    Ha ha, “I’ve been sick, cough, cough.”

  6. lovtheoldstuff says:

    This was a funny movie. Dan Akroyd played the part well. In fact if I see a real dragnet episode I’m always brought back to this parody.

  7. Stigmatainmypants says:

    This is one of those movies that gets funnier the more you watch it.

    “I think i’m wearing your underwear…”

  8. SPArtan117ANDi says:

    I haven’t seen this movie since I was a wee child.

  9. dsmitty82 says:

    wheres the part with the mean old lady ?

  10. ledsalt says:


  11. EvilSlyGuy says:

    Useless scumlappin’ shitbag..

  12. JMcH says:

    The chick on the lifeguard tower does a backflip off it. Never noticed that before.

  13. moviedude44 says:

    @wavyglanbles: honorable mentions: “Well Emil, guess that just leaves you, me, your balls, and this drawer.”

  14. crucialconflict02 says:

    @SheriffTankStoner good point.

  15. SheriffTankStoner says:

    @mhanley2375 Considering Dan Aykroyd is Canadian, he did an outstanding job playing a tough no-nonsense American cop. He ranks up there with William Shatner.

  16. mmandmcb14 says:

    At 1:07, SP SW1500 2621 at Taylor Yard

  17. jakestooge34 says:

    I first saw this movie on tape when my parents taped it on HBO in 1988.

  18. FatDroBlunt says:

    Classic 80′s! One of my favs from back in the day.

  19. silverbird58 says:

    and they didnt keep him from his smoke

  20. EHH246 says:

    “and on a school night too.” Only Dan Aykroyd can make that line badass.

  21. TimeSpliTT says:

    im going to find that ending and make a gif of his reaction

  22. Djaru says:

    I was hoping to see when they do the goat leggings dance for the Captain. My favorite part.

  23. eugoldlareg says:

    How about at the end, when Streebeck asks “Don’t you mean the virgin Connie Swail?”?

  24. LeeT44 says:

    “chewing gum, a snickers bar…and my attorney, badge-kisser….” lol…

  25. natere2 says:

    balls as big as church bells?!

    lol of course the asian punk kid breaks out the nun chucks Xp

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